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January 12, 2007


Aorund Par

Hey, Jett! Again, great photos! You could really make some money as a comissioned photographer if you really wanted to, I honestly think so! I don't know how much of that I've already said previously, but it IS honest! Oh, I've decided to start work on my own series, having been inspired by your LTA series, but my series is going to be a dual-format show in that some episodes will be just audio podcast-type files, and others will be videos, and both of these formats will be intertwined as one series, but I'm still lacking some necessary stuff like studio software and a camera to shoot with, so the first few episodes will probably just be audio, but I have to get some batteries for my cassette recorder...

Oh, and I have a frappr account, but I have no idea how to use it yet and I don't have any photos of myself yet, but I'm gonna try to get some pics and video clips over this coming weekend, and I'll try to upload some stuff and I'll let you know when I get to doing that, so until then...

anyway, it's good to see a new post and I look forward to the next podcast, and I hope you received my latest email(s), I don't know if I've sent one or many, but either way, I hope you got that/those most recent email(s) where I asked a few questions and put in some possibley handy infos about me and stuff. Ummm... ok, so until next time...


Jett Loe

Thanks for all the compliments and good luck on your show!

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