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January 22, 2007



The ultimate thanks should go to Ted Turner, who championed this cartoon via his Tuner Broadcasting Network's "cartoon planet".

It lots of ways, this reminded me of yours and Wayne's efforts with LTA - what with your jet-powered chopper and laser rings.

Jett Loe

We're thinking of opening a Bakery.


If it will bring the two factions together, I think you should.

Alan in Belfast

:) Wow. Our very own cartoon. And where did they get those accents from?

Jett Loe

I like the 'variety' of the accents...there was a little bit Scottish, little bit Welsh, some German in there...


All them years ago when my son Jimmy was all kinds of new and pissing on me as I changed his diapers, we use to love watching Capt. Planet and his whacko lefty, bunny hugging, tree loving, global warming believing, america hating, communistic horseshit.
We have to be diversive and tolerant!
Of course, my horse!
Luckily for me my son grew up to be an intelligent person and he questions not only the staid but the ridiculous also.
What more can a father ask?

Whisky Nose

Captain Planet should tackle an Orange march. Where is he now? Israel?

Jett Loe

If only Captain Planet, (if that is his real name), were around for this incident:

Who You Callin' A Fenian Bastard?

Maybe he could have used his 'Chill-Out Ring' or whatever to cool those kids' fevered brows.


Also search out the heartfelt missive for peace that is 'Belfast' by ridiculous 1970's disco outfit 'Boney M' (currently available to download on iTunes...)
How this earning paean never made everybody stop and put down their weapons I'll never know. Reconciliation through disco...
It could still work, though! Thanks to the new chart rules, downloads are also now included in the UK singles chart. Let's get it at the top of the hit parade where it belongs, for the good of the nation... Throw your weight behind this Jett and it'll not fail... :P


Whisky - I believe he is in Detroit.


surreal to say the least.. but IMHO what was really hilarious was the comments on Slugger O' Toole slagging your video response and taking it all serious!!!


dammit... I want a muffin NOW!!!

Jett Loe

Yeah - I had a look at that Slugger O'Toole post:

"The scary thing is when you link to youtube, the next clip is of a yank who’s living here & writes a blog called; letter from Northern Ireland or somesuch, enthusing on how amazing & realistic it is & if only people would watch it & learn from it!"

You know, people hear the American accent and assume the level of self-awareness is low - so very easy to get away with a lot of dead-pan stuff - which I do try to do on a daily basis here in Belfast.

Thanks again for the lovely comment!

tommy ross

big pile of balls americans know nufin bout over here wonder if captain planet could of stopped da whiterock riots me thinks he woulda got bate burnt tossed in the glen

forgive? maybe forget? never

Jett Loe

Tommy needs to open up a bakery.


Can I just say I meant to type 'yearning paean' in my previous comment up there, but my finger must have gone wonky. I wouldn't want anyone thinking us Northern Irish folk couldn't string a coherent sentence together...

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