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January 07, 2007



"Wish you were here"

Ken Myrback


I am very disappointed that you (as far as I know) didn't contact any of your listeners while you were here in Fla. I would have met you for a drink or a meal. Maybe next time. My wife and I will be making it to Europe one of these days and when we are in Belfast I'll be sure and let YOU know we are coming and I'll buy you that meal.


Aorund Par

Hey, Jett...

I'm really liking these photos! Great job on capturing the scenery! So you're in New Mexico, eh? Tacoma Washington has a fairly Grey weather tune going on, and it seems that's what you might be used to, but I don't know what places you're planning to visit before going back to Belfast, but if you make it up to Washington, let us know!


Is belfast really worth coming back to?


Remember, Mr X, Jett lives there so we don't have to.

Alan in Belfast

That's what it says on the mugs!

Hey Jett, you'll be shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards - Photojournal category again at this rate! Better get your tux cleaned up for March.

Jett Loe

Sorry Ken for not contacting you - but sometimes you just need to get away - know what I mean? Feel bad for even checking my email - am here in some dodgy new agey sustainable culture inspirations soy milk latte ry cooder buddha on the wall kind of place...still not far enough away...even the tiniest little shack in new mex now has wi-fi...

+ thanks for all your comments Aorund Par

+ Mr. X = sorry to hear you are so down on Belfast - think of the positives - the bracing Irish Sea!

+ Yes, maybe not a Tux this year Alan - thinking a tasteful Suit...


I think "Wayne Ordianary American" will sweep this year's awards. Just a gut feeling.


Jett! If you're going to be around for another week or so, come to Breckenridge! You can find me on the bunny slope. Look for the old lady inching her way down the hill on her ass.

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