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January 24, 2007



Look at Wayne's body language...he's already defeated!

This year Wayne, sit upright and on the edge of your seat, with raffle ticket in hand.

Pádriag Schaler

I can't belive that u's didnt win, u's are g8! U will defo win dis yr

Jett Loe

Thank you Pádriag; Wayne and I appreciate your support.


Is it true the show will end if you don't pick up an award?

Having never won anything in my life- I believe all awards are over-rated

Jett Loe

Well...all I'm saying is that an Award would help! ;-)

Wayne Ordinary American

I'm thinking that pic was taken AFTER I ran up to collect a prize but it turned out the color of the ticket was wrong.

Also, this year I will be wearing a different hat.

Alan in Belfast

I can sense an opportunity for your dulcet tones to return to the radio airwaves soon!

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