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January 02, 2007



I wonder if they named the beach after Smyrna, Georgia?

"New Smyrna" would be a huge improvement over Georgia's Smyrna, what with the beach and all. Though I bet "New Smyrna" never produced the likes of a Julia Roberts...

Jett Loe

It's worth going to just to have the 'Captain's Platter' at Boston's Fish House.


Enjoy yourself, Jett - looks wonderful. :-)

Bernie Goldbach

I've walked some of that New Mexico landscape, winter and summer. You're in for a dusting this month.

My poor Juice podcatcher is bursting because something at LTA is forcing it to download everything since episode #1. I've had to unsubscribe to the feed as a result.


*Sniff* Just over them thar hills is my hometown. Now you've gone and made me all homesick, Jett.

Suzanne Hartwick

From someone else that has been stuck in an airport for more than 24 hours, I feel your pain.

I hope you are home safe and sound, and I look forward to hearing your adventures in the airport.


Beautiful pictures, Jett. I hope those boots you picked up are 'all weather'. By the way, can you hear the mysterious hum?

Be sure to make a snowman and a snow angel and a snow fort and throw snowballs and slide down a hill at breakneck speed and get cold and wet and then sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate. In other words, have fun!

Julie Bergman

incredible photographs

Jett Loe

Sorry to hear about the problems you've had Bernie - as to why that would happen now = have no idea - if there are any rss/xml/feed experts out there feel free to email me at [email protected]

+ Yes, Wayne - this area misses you too - might have to drive into Colorado to get a taste of the 'Wayne Vibe'.

+ Thanks Julie for the compliment and I'll have a listen for the hum, Jama!


It is the will of Letter to America, Bernie.

Thy podcatcher shall have no other podcasts before thee.


Well, The Great Sand Dunes aren't far from you and you could visit the U.F.O. viewing platform while you're at it.

(And could you bring me back some decent enchilada sauce?)


Happy New Year from Yorkshire. ALl the best for 2007 Jett. Keith


Are you passing thru LA anytime on your journeys, Jett?

Jett Loe

And Happy New Year to you too Keith,
+ alas not this trip Mr. Fixer but will keep ya posted next time in the area - perhaps I can podcast from your couch!


Hey Jett, I hope you are enjoying the Big Sky country.
I also want to shamelessly plug my new web site.

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