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January 26, 2007



I just watched an 8 minute commercial for Wal-Mart.


Don Leiner

Hey Jett,

I work in the Fox News building on Ave of the Americas and I have seen these chicks a few times in the past month. Am wondering if they're a part of the Fox Daily Show program that's being planned. I guess I should investigate.


Jett Loe

Get on the case there Don. Any info always appreciated.


This is such garbage. Everything about this is so ridiculous it makes me physically sick to watch. The only redeeming thing about it is if I shopped regularly at Wal-Mart and saw this I would stop shopping there immediately for fear of running into morons like them. Sorry to be so uncharitable, but damn! It's so bad.

Here's another point of view on Wal-Mart:


I truely love americans, but i truly hate this infomercial superficial shit.


The only thing SprawlMart is good for, in my opinion, is to play the walmart game.
Also see my 10 January post entitled SprawlMart.

Aorund Par

Because I honestly DO NOT know what is and isn't wrong with Wal-Mart and why there are protests and everything, I really must be brought up to speed on the issue. If someone can point me toward some good info from all sides, I'd really appreciate the effort. [email protected] is where you can forward me to links and other sources.


All I can say is... I know one of those girls(from NY). They are hoping this show gets picked up (eventhough they pulled the 2nd episode due to extreme backlash and one of the members almost dropping out of the group). This is LOW budget- and they plant these ideas about Fox to draw interest.
On a side note- this does not represent America- maybe a small ignorant section...either way It makes me feel ashamed. I can no longer talk to this "friend".

None 2

I know the above poster from (from NY). She is a notoriously stupid and ignorant bitch whom people ridicule for her lack of brains. Despite having FINALLY gone to college at the age of 30 can barely string together a sentence or a thought. Her evil and nasty attitude will undoubtedly haunt her, and destroy her barely existent acting and filmmaking career, as well as her pathetic relationship with an impotent loser.

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