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January 18, 2007



I just voted for LTA in the Best Podcast catagory(The Lift 2.0). I had to do it!!! I did it for the children!!!

Jett Loe

God Bless You, Brian F.


Does anyone know if one nomination will get you in for the public vote to the "final 5"?

I nominated LTA for Best Podcaster (not to be confused with Best Podcast).


Hi Jett,

Just nominated you for best podcaster and best podcast (The Irish Blog Awards, i.e. The only podcast I've ever appeared in!)

Though we were horribly shafted last year the very nice and very talented Sinéad Gleeson took the Arts we couldn't even moan about the winner. Damn!

I think your chances are very good this year though. So much so that I've just run down to the bookie's and put my life savings (25 Euro) on you to win the podcaster gong.

Don't let me - and the starving urchins who depend on me - down...


Vote Early Vote Often!

Aorund Par

Hey, Jett! I voted LTA for best podcaster. Good Luck, and here's hoping for footage on a future podcast. Cheers to you, THE MAN, Jett Loe! Shout-out to Wayne Ordinary American as well!


Jett Loe

Look forward to seeing you at the Awards again Fústar -
+ note really sure what happens 'behind the scenes' Phil - we can only wait and see if LTA gets the call...


I guess better safe than sorry and inundate them w/ nominations.

After some thought, I think I am going to go with the Worldcup Podcast Special as my nominee for best p-cast.

I loved the Irish Blog Awards p-cast, though - not only a strong show, but the best easter egg of any LTA podcast ever - and it would be sweet irony if that were nominated and won. Hmmmmmm.


Confirmation: Each nomination will be up for public vote to be pared down to a "Final 5", from which the awards will be chosen.

So in reality, each individual podcast could be considered if nominated.


I couldn't care less about the children but I voted anyway. Hope you win something this year, Jett.


Jett Loe for President!

Jett Loe

Hmmm...that's an idea Matt. I'm tempted to make a video like these guys:

H. Clinton

B. Obama

P.S. What's the deal with the camerawork on the Hillary video? Makes me a bit queasy.


Gosh, that's smart isn't it? (Not the back and forth movement on Hillary's video. That is a bit sickening.) But the fact that it's a YouTube world we live in now. If you want to get your message out you need to be seen on the internet. Brownback is gonna get left behind, poor bastard. I've decided the lot of them are power seeking scoundrels anyway and it won't matter who wins. But, boy is it going to be interesting to watch. Much like a multi-car pile up.


The cameraman is obviously trying to focus on something other than Hillary's face.


Jett, you guys should win alone for the podcast of last year's award. It was an inspired piece of podcastery*. You have my vote.

Will you be looking as suave this year?

* I may have made up this word.

Jett Loe

God bless you Sinéad for your warm comments. As to what I'll be wearing I think Wayne should go in the tux and I'll wear the denim.

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