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February 21, 2007



poor misunderstood, jett. I'm expecting to see sad clown velvet paintings adorning your new digs ;-)

Jett Loe

I know. Sad Clown. Am such a whiner. Remind me to change my character from here on out not to give a shit if people don't get what we're doing.

Jett Loe

Interesting article in the New York Times that sheds a little bit of light on people's use of the interWEB:
Flame First, Think Later: New Clues to E-Mail Misbehavior

Whisky Nose

"Flaming" That's a good name for being rude. I was on the bus the other day drifting through London when a gothic girl got on and sat down opposite me. She was dressed as a nun with blacked out eyes and no top-lip. her hair was also receded in someway eccentuating a longer forehead. I was taken aback at the shear effect that this girl exuded. Bravo! We need more diversity on our busses and in our lives in general. BTW when's the next podcast coming?

Jett Loe

Next podcast has already been recorded - I'll upload it probably on Friday depending on the breaks.


you mean my comments aren't helping? dammit!

oh well,

'mon the McFunster


I'm in Belfast tomorrow


You and those goths have so much in common. No one understands you! ::slams door::

But really, you were right - fuck it if people don't understand what you're doing. The target audience of this podcast isn't everyone in the world, and if one group is going to be left out it let it be those with no sense of humour or contextual reading skills.


My dear Mr. McFunster, when you were a young boy trying to find your identity in this great big mean world were you not ever offended when someone insulted, or appeared to insult that which you were trying to identify with? You are arguing with children. Of course they won't appreciate the subtlety of your satirical commentary. Hell, most of the time I don't know if you're being serious. You're very good at what you do, my friend. You have to wonder how many people visiting N. Ireland have actually asked for a 'Flatley' at the local bar.

Jett Loe

First of all there's nothing wrong with having a warm pint of Flatley at your local.

Second of all, of course they're wee ones but dammit - where's the critical thinking?

Jett Loe

Third of all, maybe Jenny's right - am just like the Goths with all the whiny self-pity! That's it - I'm going to the Blog Awards as a Goth.


Whiney self pity is more akin to Emo.

Admittedly a transvestite offshoot of Goth but still...

To think I found this site when I was mean to be writing a Critical Essay on British Writing and the Enlightenment!

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