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February 11, 2007



Well, I have much to say about this film. I don't want to take up a lot of space but I do want to mention that Pentacostals are nothing if not emotional. Back in the day, I was one of those kids being told that a battle wages for souls and I am a warrior for Christ. Looking at it now just makes me sad but I suppose for those that watch this and have not experienced it firsthand, it probably looks pretty insane. Very much like a cult I would say. But, it is possible for those who have been indoctrinated to be rehabilitated. I really liked that the difference between indoctrination and learning was pointed out, I think that's very important. These kids are not actually learning anything, they are indeed being brainwashed.

Aorund Par

Jesus CAMP?! Now that's just horrible! I mean REALLY! I'll have to actually watch this thing to know about it, but outwardly, it already seems like a terrible thing. I'm currently stressed about some other things right now, but I'll make time to view that fairly soon...

Alan in Belfast

There's a rumour that the BBC are going to be showing it on TV soon ... it seems to have bypassed the local cinemas :(


Just watched the trailer on YouTube.

Its absolutely freakin' scandalous. Some woman commenting that out in the middle east they are sending kids to camps and putting a grenade in their hand. And then they go on to show the kids being asked to give their life for Jesus, being trained as Gods Army.

Truly, scarily despicable. Child abuse of the topmost order, arguably worse than the "regular" child abuse, as they are doing this in a "legitamate" manner out in the open.

I doubt I could watch the full thing in segments of more than a minute or two as well. The trailer was bad enough.


Haven't watched this - not sure I can bring myself to. I've known some people like these (at how they are portrayed from what I hear of the movie) - and it is sad...not that they are Christians, but that if there is a thing as an "extremist" Christian, these are them. Very shuttered view of the world, and in my opinion are depriving themselves of some of the gifts God has actually given to us.


By the way, people - Voting has begun for the Irish Blog Awards.

Vote for Letter To America / Wayne Ordinary American where applicable.


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