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February 09, 2007


Whisky Nose

OK, hit me... where is it?

Aorund Par

I'm looking forward to it, and while I was disappointed at chapter 55 being 26 again, I still listen to and have collected all your chapters of LTA that are available. BTW, how's your Slumber movie going? I'm still looking forward to that and I want to get it when you finish it, so I hope that's going well. I should be getting some batteries for my cassette recorder before too long, so the first episode of my pod/vid-cast I'm planning should be up somewhere sometime this month, and I'll send you a link when I establish everything.

Jett Loe

Good luck on the podcast.

Bernie Goldbach

The political-scientist-turned-sculptor is one of the most revealing pieces of American redneck logic on the planet. If you love Condi, Dubya or Charlton, you need to hear Jett in the ice sculptor's parking lot. This segment should be required listening for Richard Waghorne.


Please... we've got to see those photos of the ice sculpture Jett, if only just to convince us poor listeners that you didn't pay some other stranded passenger at El Paso to act out the role of the political-scientist-turned-sculptor.



Well I loved the sculptor and think he should be a fill-in host when Wayne's on holiday or unavailable ....Did you do any interviewing while in your undisclosed location in Eastern Europe? the way, Jett, are you aware how much you sound like Dennis Pennis when you do interviews?? :-D

Jett Loe

I've heard of Dennis Pennis but have not seen his work, re: the Ice Sculptor - yes I think we need more of him - will try to find him via Google and get him on the show again!


I've listened to the podcast......and I can't stop thinking about this one thing.

"The Texas State Board of Ice Sculptures(Sculptors)".......??

Jett Loe

Think they might be affiliated with these guys:


Will check it out.


do u hav a picture of the ice sculptur?

Jett Loe

Yes, but not very flattering - will find his email to get permission.


I guess what baffles me most is that (according to the gentleman) Texas actually formed a State sanctioned board to govern ice sculpting.....? I didn't realize there was ice in Texas, let alone a governing authority to oversee it's carving.

Jett Loe

I was surprised - but it was frackin' freezing out there - plenty cold enough for ice to form.


Hey Jett... I listened to this episode on the bus to work on a cold Monday morning and you managed the remarkable feat of cheering me up. I followed your show with This American Life, and I thought they went well together. I love your 'man on the street' (or airport or lift or whatever) type interviews. Anyway, thanks for the smiles and the inspiration and I hope you can feel good about doing the show even if you do get shafted at the Irish Blog Awards.

Jett Loe

Thank you Brendan, much appreciated.

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