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February 14, 2007



57? 58? I'm so confused.

Jett Loe

Thanking you.

Whisky Nose

Where's wayne? Has he been dropped from the show? Is he languishing on th streets or selling himself in Belfasts red light district?

Jett Loe

Wayne will be back this Friday for the Lift - 3.0 / Goodbye to Margarita Plaza. For all of those who want to keep tabs on him go here:

Wayne Ordinary American.

Conn Ó Muíneacháin

Wow! Old Bones is something else, isn't it? I want to shake that lady's hand on March 3rd.

Nice public service job, Jett and Erin! See you at the awards!

Conn Ó Muíneacháin

P.S. FYI, Cumann Carad na Gaeilge are based in Long Island, NY. I don't know if Séamas who hosts the show, is planning to attend the blog awards, but if he does it will be his first visit to Ireland - ever!

Jett Loe

Yes, the Awards will be worth going to if Oldbones shows up.


LTA needs votes, everyone - be sure and vote for Jett & Wayne, lest there be no reason to go to Dublin and do a "Return to the Irish Blog Awards" podcast!

Vote or Die!

Alan in Belfast

Is it my imagination or did you let Erin "do more material" than you normally let Wayne away with? Anyway, Erin fits in well - a deserving addition to the academy of co-hosts.

Jett Loe

Yeah everyone loves the Erin. I've lost track of how many co-hosts we've had on the show - feel like Erin's been on more than she has due to her 'Whitey Can't Dance' segment.


You say such nice things.

Have you seen my bike?

If I find it I might come.

Thanks for the votes

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