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February 16, 2007


Damien Mulley

"Looks like they're not getting as many votes as expected due to people thinking they've already voted."

There were more votes in the first three days this year than all the votes last year. Check your facts.

Please explain what you mean by this: "'quasi-volunteer / old-boy's club' events. "

Conn Ó Muíneacháin

Of course, it's easy for me to talk, having been a winner, but while I have an idea of the kind of events you allude to Jett, I think the IBA's are certainly not like that.

I think you would agree that blogging tends to cut out that bullshit. It's a grassroots thing. There's no club, no barrier to entry. Anyone can blog.

Last years blog awards was my first time attending a bloggers "event", and I was blown away by it. I think the community has fed on the impetus of that and subsequent events and spread the word to people like "Old Bones" and "Grandad".

I followed your link to Owen Higgins page.


From the Irish Blog Awards blog:
"Don’t wait for someone else to nominate you, do it yourself, others might be assuming someone else nominated you. Don’t be modest."

Did Owen think someone else was going to nominate him? A little arrogant don't you think? A little foolish, considering how much the nomination obviously meant to him?

Jett Loe

Guys guys guys. What's with the thin skins? You've heard my show. So you must know I have my tongue in cheek. In fact I'm sure you do and can only assume you're messin' wit' me as we used say back in Oakland.


See, Jett? I've warned you about teasing the kids on the playground.

I think the line:

'Friends of mine know that I'm really not very good with crowds or social interaction...'

should have given the game away.

Lance Armweak

Ahh, the old "I was only messing" defence. Like night follows day...

Jett Loe

Hmmm - 'Lance Armweak' huh? So right away your name gives away your provencial knee-jerk Anti-Americanism.

You're like the people commenting on this video:

Response to Captain Planet in Belfast

who don't get that it's a joke.

I understand.

Context is tough on the internet.

We know what we're watching on TV - it's spoon-fed to us. We're watching drama now, coming up is a comedy.

Harder on the net. Have to read between the lines sometimes. Did you really think that I thought there was 'an open bar?'

Oh well, as famed Irish American Mickey Spillane said:

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke".

P.S. Will be discussing this topic on the show this afternoon - if interested please email me so we can get you on the show via Skype, that's free internet phone calls at


Great,'ve offended the moderator in charge of tabulating the votes for the Blog Awards!!

Did I just hear the ::click:: of the "delete" button?

You're f---ed.

Jett Loe

I think the correct word to use Phil is SHAFTED.


Jett, If you have been, "Shafted", does that mean you have to grow a black mustache and wear a brown leather coat and talk all like Richard Roundtree?

Jett Loe

You're damn right.

Plus, nobody understands me but my woman.

Aorund Par

Wow, drama sure is swell...

Anyway, Ubuntu, wow, I have 3 versions of that, and so far, version 5.10 seems to be the best, 6.06 has some stuff I don't like, and 6.10 didn't even work. The thing is, that Ubuntu isn't really even "decent. I'm waiting for my Solaris 10 to come in the mail. They call it "The Most Advanced Operating System On The Planet". We'll see. I still am waiting for ReactOS to be honest...

Anyway, I hope you don't get shafted at the IBAs, I'm you win at least one award.


Well done on the shortlistings Jett. Happy to be sharing the Arts/Culture stage with you again this year. Dust off that tux and make sure Wayne's car is topped up with petrol.


Turns out ole' Wayne got the shaft. I was pulling for you, buddy.

This year, we won't put all of our eggs in Richard Dawson's basket (god rest his soul). Somehow you're going to win!

Jett Loe

Wayne, I and 'Whitey Can't Dance' girl Erin Parish will be heading down to the IBAs this year even though Wayne didn't get in. Shafted.


I sort of DIDN'T get shafted. Lest you all forget "We're" in for best podcast.


We haven't forgotten, Wayne.

Personally, I just wanted WOA to get some love (just as Reverend Wayne has loved us).

And for what it's worth, I'm familiar with getting shafted.


by the way its still fcuking obvious to me that to get entered into the Irish blog awards, one has to be an Arse licking gipsy.

Or even worse, you have to nominate yourself.

they didn't even change to event date to suit my busy schedule.


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