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February 11, 2007



color me shocked.

Aorund Par

I like the photo at the top of the post, but the content of the post is Greek to me, I don't understand it. I just DLed the PDF through the link provided, and I'll read up on it, but I just don't get it right now...


homophobia, xenophobia, any more. Doesnt suprise me really. As if this place doesnt have enough problems.


I do so love statistics...all I learned in statistics 101 is that you can make them say whatever you want. Here's a poll that shows people in NI are not as prejudiced against gay people as we think:

"One of the most striking findings is that the general perception of NI society does not match what people actually say about tolerance. The survey reveals that 59% consider that NI is either not very or not at all accepting of LGB people. But only 21% say they actually hold these views."

Who knows if these things can be quantified accurately. I do know it's fun to talk about how bad Northern Ireland is though! But then I feel guilty for NI-bashing because as a gay American, I can live here with my Irish partner with the rights and legal protections that we cannot get in America, land of the free. Oh I must refrain from ranting on here!

Jett Loe

Please feel free to rant as much as possible...if you can't rant at LTA where can you rant?


If my name was Vani Borooah I might find my host country a little bigoted too!

Alan in Belfast

And if you listen carefully to Sunday Sequence, you'll hear at least one LTA listener!

At least one. Since if Jett's started checking the podcast stats yet (see the early Alicia chapters) he might have one or two listeners in NI as well as the US. So there could be more.


Northern Irish society is bigoted because there are some powerful and corrosive elements within it whose interests are best served by making sure everyone is all riled up and full of hatred. Hopefully more people are starting to see the bigger picture though...

LTA actually (I think) plays a small part in displaying that bigger picture, and how Belfast and Norn Iron fit into it. An American living high above the streets of Belfast who actively avoids talking about the 'troublings' and instead moves through the city unfettered by such dreary baggage is actually really refreshing.

LTA is a bit like the movie 'Innerspace'. Jett Loe is Dennis Quaid in a miniature submarine, and Northern Ireland is Martin Short, wondering where the voice is coming from...

Jett Loe

Brabazon = I think that may be the most insightful comment I've ever heard about LTA - that's exactly how I feel living in this technological bubble I've made for myself - which is why I'm leaving - download Chapter 58 this weekend for details.


that, my friends, would be the "Big Tease"

Is Jett leaving Norn Iron? the former Red Light District? his technological bubble? What could cause such upheaval?

maybe he just got a job somewhere else.


so basically what you're saying is as a LGBT American immigrant of Lithuanian parentage I should be made welcome with open arms... lovely!!!

Jett Loe're screwed.


nothing like a challenge!!

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