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February 19, 2007


Phil O'Kane

HAHA Go you!

Alan in Belfast

Irish News is one of the many shades of local morning newspaper.

And IN.TV was their move into multimedia, followed by the Belfast Telegraph a month or so later.

Alan in Belfast

Should have added ... it's content lookin' for an audience ... and unlikely to find a regular one.

Alan in Belfast

Three in a row ... promise to stop commenting for a while after this one.

But the rival Bellylaugh onlive TV service has Kirsteen, annother ex-LTA co-host, presenting this week.

Is there an Northern Ireland media outlet that some aspect of LTA hasn't touched?

Jett Loe

Just you wait Alan: LTA's just gettin' started.


This is great! Now I don't feel so bad about the beer and pizza.

Jett Loe

Just be yourself as they say. :)

Jett Loe

Just be yourself as they say. :)


Are you doing material?

Also, Jett, you really need to introduce the uncivilised indigenous people of Northern Ireland to Photoshop. Those celebrities photos were pretty dire.

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