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February 08, 2007



I miss the old days when people didn't give a crap about the environment.


My Granny gave me about a hundred old National Geographic mags from the 70s through to the 90s. I love them!

Aorund Par

Anyone with any National Geographic magazines should seriously E-Book those, that would be something interesting to get in an electronic format like PDF. I have no idea how long the NG series has gone on for, but wouldn't it be great to just have every issue on a DVD? Might need more than one though...

Anthony Allbright

I have a set of National Geographic for sale. These date from 1906 to 2002. I have over 3000 issue from the twenty, thirty, forties and fifties. These are all original, with many duplication issues like maybe three in the month of May for 1944. All in excellent to good condition, in their original backing with all adds and most maps that came with the early issues 1917,18,22,25,38, etc.etc.

I want $3,000 for all of them. They are packed in plactic, inside secured boxes.

Phone 317-450-3362

Jett Loe

Good luck with that.

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