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February 07, 2007



I'd like to be the first to welcome Erin...yet I feel I must urge caution. She seems so sweet and innocent - and now here she is, working for a known "rent-boy" in the heart of Belfast's red light district.

Please be careful out there, Erin!


Wait a minute...Jett "gives" you coffee? There's gotta be a catch.

And welcome aboard the LTA train.

Aorund Par

Wait a sec... Jett, who did you say died in the message for listeners of LTA Chapter 29? I thought you said it was Whitey Can't Dance Girl, aka Erin. Well, it's good to know she didn't leave this world, but why did you say "Whitey Still Can't Dance", and who actually died? Someone over there needs to email me some info or something, because I thought Erin died a long time ago, but Erin, I'm glad you're apparantly alive and well, and my apologies for bringing up something like death at a happy time, I'm just confused by things I heard and was thinking about...

But seriously, I need some info about the story behind chapter 29, so email me ([email protected]), and help me figure this out here...

Aorund Par


I just watched the message for listeners of chapter 29, and I realized something...


When I saw the video previously, I took it more literally than I should have, because those tags are deceiving, and I originally thought the video was a tribute to remembering Erin or something like that, but it's just a sort of video version of the segment that was on chapter 29. Jett, you had me fooled there for quite a while...

Erin, I apologize for thinking you died in an accident or something, and I'm glad you didn't, because like Jett said, you seem to have a lot of life in you, and it's really good to hear you're a part of the LTA family! So, cheers to you (raises coffee mug for a toast)...


Thanks so much for the concern. Tags can be deceiving and Jett's humor can often be interpreted in a variety of ways. However, in all the confusion, there is one truth that will not change--Whitey Still Can't Dance. It's actually a requirement for membership on team LTA, as shown in the lift.


I think part of her soul died when she saw Wayne dance.

Person who used to visit this site all the time but hasn't done so in a while

The same Erin Parish who does that really weird trippy art hanging in Baxter Chang?

And why hasn't Jett taken down his Christmas decorations yet?

Jett Loe

Don't know if that's the same Erin Parish - but gee, thanks for noticing that I've yet to take down the tree...anyday now...hard to cause it's so festive.

Aorund Par

Well, I can't dance, but I can play Dance Games, and I have a simulator on my computer and over 2500 songs, so eventually, I'll be uploading some videos of this whitey dancing, by "this whitey", I mean me. I was going to upload some vids to Youtube a while back, but haven't recorded any yet, but it's becoming more apparant that I really need to do that, so I will sometime soon...


I wish I was that same Erin who does the trippy art. She's really cool. I do sort of feel that she channels my artistic spirit so if you guys would like to believe that I am her, please go right ahead. But, person who used to visit the site, do you think that artist Erin Parish would be an unpaid intern working for coffee?


A new female voice, now that's refreshing!

Erin Parish

I love coffee, but I'm not looking for an internship.

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