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March 30, 2007


David Baxter

Awww, poor little rich kid travelling in Economy Class, how awful.

Jett, offence is a subjective thing. I suppose what I find offensive a lot of people don't, however, my point still stands.

Jett Loe

Rich kid huh?

I was raised on Food Stamps.

David, we're not fans of Ad Hominem attacks here at LTA. I have no problem with people of many views coming to this site but rule number one is to be civil and not attack others.

Regarding your other comments that my work is political, I'll address that in an upcoming podcast.

David Baxter

Apologies, I was below the belt on that one.

I will listen to your next podcast with an open mind.

Jett Loe

Apology accepted David; I'll be discussing the photos on Chapter 64; contact us at [email protected] if you'd like to be heard on the show. Best, Jt.

Alan in Belfast

Hey ... you made it to Crawley's Blogging documentary on Radio Ulster!

Re: your comment about an hour spent blogging being an hour spent not watching TV. Well, some of us can watch TV in the corner of our monitor while reading and writing in the rest of the screen. Multi-tasking. (Otherwise known as doing two things badly.)

Jett Loe

Hey there Alan - cool to be on a Crawley show - he's my favourite broadcaster here in N.I.; re: multitasking - if that's what they had me say then it's an edit - my original statement was that an hour spent listening to a podcast is an hour not watching TV - but of course you are right - right now as I'm typing this I'm drinking coffee, doing the ironing, editing Chapter 62 and finishing off the last of my General Tsao's Sweet and Sour Chicken purchased at 'Wok and Roll', Reagan International Airport.

Alan in Belfast

Maybe I got blogging and podcasting mixed up ... Now you've appeared in the documentary behind the blog behind the podcast. Layers and layers of indirection.

And good news to hear that the long awaited Chapter 62 is in post-production!

Wayne Ordinary American

I sooooooooo miss Wok and Roll...


I hold no brief for Jett or Letter To America but as an occasional reader I found David's comments interesting, to say the least. Take these quotes:

"Awww, poor little rich kid travelling in Economy Class, how awful"

"It [David's assertion that a picture of a child in green = republican propaganda] is typical of the trendy element decending in droves into South Belfast"

This, David, is simply inverted snobbery. Nothing more, nothing less. I can see that you desperately want these particular snaps of life in Belfast to mean *something* about Jett or Jett's politics or the fact that he is an American living in - gasp! - "trendy" South Belfast. But they really don't. As I suspect, deep down, you already know.

Oh, and Jett, I was curious to hear you mention Reagan International. Which airline flies into Reagan from the UK? Any time I visit DC it's Dulles every time, which is a pain in the arse to get to compared to the handy metro stop at Reagan. And Reagan is one of the few US airports I would describe as pleasant.

Jeremy, South Belfast (does this mean I'm trendy too?)

Alan in Belfast

Lots of carriers fly from London Gatwick to Reagan (DCA), but they all stop over somewhere. Northwest, US Airways - via Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Charlotte, ...

And you can make it via London Heathrow with Air Canada (and Toronto), Americam Airlines (and any number of connections)!

But no one seems to fly direct.


Yeah I suspected as much. And, if we're talking airport codes, my usual route is BHD-LHR-IAD, but I wouldn't dream of making another connection just to get to DCA. Just hoped there might have been a new direct London flight I'd overlooked. Oh well. Just would be nice to avoid the dreaded "Ground Transportation (a word rarely seen outside US airports) Desk" now and again.

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