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March 06, 2007



You are so going to Hell.


on a cheap trampoline.


in a bobsled

Jett Loe

Hey there Fixer nice to hear from you again + Yes I's starting to get a bit warm here.


You totally got me, you bastard.


"...think of Jesus as Annette..."

well OK, if you say so...


Also, nice disguise. I totally didn't recognize you.

Judas Trainwreck

It was "...Jesus as a net...". You have to listen to the whole video, and Jett, you look good with glasses and the button-down shirt if that was one, and I think you can really sell that gimmick, but if the Godtube users check out this site, you might get accused of heresy, so just be careful, I should say.

Phil O'Kane

You just dont stop do ya! Brilliant!

On par with Conservapedia?


You're a bad, bad boy.

Judas Trainwreck

Conservapedia and Godtube... what will be next,


I'm converted. Have thrown away my trampoline.


yea Judas... I know what Jett meant... I was having a bit of fun!!!



Life is good, Jett. The toys here are fun, loads of new HD stuff.

Drop me an email, I want to hear about the latest work projects. You seldom talk publically about your professional career.

Jett Loe

I'll send ya an email Fixer - sorry been out of touch and yeah I don't normally go into my directing gigs on this site + sorry about not getting back to you re: the sci-fi pic stuff = just been swamped! Talk Soon :)

Judas Trainwreck

->Keith, sorry, I didn't know (lack of context)

Godtube's shutting down already? That was quick. A lot of abusers, probably.

Wayne Ordinary American

I'm a bit behind on my blogs (Yes, Jett even yours) and I have only two words for you:

Fucking genius.

Hints of Fred Willard...

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