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March 30, 2007



Way to go, Keith!

It almost looks like the image is that of Bizarro Superman...?

Wayne Ordinary American

Dammit Keith! I didn't recognise you that night (or did I? - that night's a little foggy for me)or else I would have said 'Hello' and properly thank you for my theme tune.



Congrats to Keith, but without wishing to belittle his fine achievement it should be pointed out that the PANI awards are not much more than an excuse for the local advertising industry bods to pat each other on the backs and indulge in a spot of gratuitous self-aggrandisement for the sake of it.

If it helps them hoodwink their clients into paying higher fees for their perspex-trophy-endorsed-creative-wonderfulness, then fair play to them... It's still a bunch of old cock, in my opinion...

Jett Loe

Yes of course it's all bollocks, but hey, Wayne won a bunch of awards! Yea Wayne!

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