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March 01, 2007



Will there be constant Quantum Leap repeats? Yes please!

Phil O'Kane

Can I have one? I've yet to figure out what it is/how it works, but what better way than an invite. :)


Oh, I would loooooooooooooove an invite.
Can I have one, pretty please?

Jett Loe

Holy crap - they're sellin' 'em on Ebay now:
Joost Invite Ebay Auction


Peer to peer TV show delivery and they expect us to pay for this?

Jett Loe

So I take it that's no invite for Brianf?

Stephen Barnes

Oh!!!! I'd love one. I've been on the 'waiting list' for months, with no sign of actually getting an account from them.

Viacom have just announced a big deal with Joost, so expect lots of new content.


It was a question. That is why I used that squiggly line thing at the end of it. See?

Alan in Belfast

Andy - working late the other night in a hotel room, I discovered Seven Days on BBC2. A mad Sci Fi from the turn of the century ... sending someone back 7 days in a time machine on NSA missions.

I wonder if the NSA guy who listens to LTA podcasts watches when he gets impatient waiting for the next LTA/FilmTalk episode?!

Jett Loe

Congrats to Andy and Phil - Sorry to everybody else, (why not read a book?).


If there are any left, I'd love a Joost invite as well.

alexbttf (at) gmail (dot) com


Jett Loe

Sorry - they've all gone - but if more come my way I'll give 'em out again.

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