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March 13, 2007


Tom Raftery

We have to wait until Friday?


Judas Trainwreck

I've heard Chapter 59, but I need time to get the rest of the show. Either way, new episode sounds like it's gonna be fun, so I look forward to it. By the way, I like this format of transmission, but am not entirely caught up on knowing how to go about making a Podcast. Any chance you could tell the listeners in an upcoming show, Chapter 61 or 62, maybe?

Jett Loe

That's a good idea Judas - maybe we'll have some sort of 'how to do a podcast' show in the near future - thanks for listening! :)

Red Mum

ha did you drive on past Lisburn, (you'd think you'd learn doing that once, didnt you do that last year) I did that with a pal from Dublin and was mortified when I had to tell her we missed, I missed the turn off.

We ended coming down through Craigavon and 50 roundabouts! Looking forward to hearing the podcasts

Jett Loe

We did many things Red Mum - but got there eventually - and yes, we did get lost last year. Sigh.

Annie Rhiannon

That image looks strangely familiar.

Jett Loe

Ah yes, please tell me how you'd like to the credit to read...


As I was saying over on Wayne's blog, the two of ye were Cinderella-like in terms of the swift post-event disappearance. Was looking forward to a few words with you both but all I noticed was a puff of smoke, a faint whiff of sulphur, and a discarded man-sized slipper. LTA had left the building.

Jett Loe

Yeah, we have to cross the border before Midnight or we turn into...well, I'll leave that to your imagination.


hey, it was great meeting you at the irish blog awards although it was only for a second on your way out. Yous so deserved to win something, bt like me i guess youll have to wait till next yr, i love the podcast!

Jett Loe

Thanking you Pádraig - I'd compliment you on your blog but my Irish is a wee bit rusty! :)

Bernie Goldbach

How about the LTA crew actually spending an evening crawling around Dublin? We could set you up at the tail end of a Hen Party and I'll bet the podcast on the back end would be a scream.

Jett Loe

Not a bad idea Bernie - Wayne and I could make a trip down - a Dublin Special. Please feel free to email in with any suggestions/offers of support!

Wayne Ordinary American

If you pay for the gas/petrol, Jett, I'd gladly do a Dublin Podcast. Maybe they'd like us better next year at the awards if we did so. BTW did ANY N.I. blog or podcast win anything?

I'm just askin'....


Perhaps if Jett hadn't waited until after the awards to re-design the blog, he might have won something...

Judas Trainwreck

Some of the ads get cut off, so they don't look quite right, but overall, I see how the design will be better in the longrun, assuming Jett doesn't stop doing the show if he doesn't win anything.

Bernie Goldbach

I wonder if you guys have thought about using an LTA Twitter account to text ONLY about gigs, exhibits, local music tracks, and podcast releases. You could embed those things in a front page column, make it stand alone in a separate blog category or keep it as a microblog. People could subscribe to all of those things plus you have UK phone number textback to your posse.

Jett Loe

Bernie - you're definitely the man to go to for tech - using Twitter might be going too far for us here at LTA...and I'm scared to think that we have a 'posse'! ;-)


Don't become another Pete Jackson, Jett. Don't give in to the current trend for length and volume. “King Kong” may have been 3 hours long, but it felt closer to 30. Absolutely draining...and utterly pointless.

I rewatched "The Incredible Shrinking Man" on Sunday night. Not only is it one of my favourite 'genre' movies of all time - it clocks in at about 82 minutes! Despite that it effortlessly achieves everything it needs to in that time.

No such luck these days. I sat through 2 1/2 hours of “Superman Returns” recently. By the end I wished myself dead.

Jett Loe

First of all, 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' rocks! Greatest ending EVER.

As for King Kong - I walked out of the middle of the picture - went across the street to a pub for mineral water - had two - went back to the cinema - and Kong was STILL fighting those friggin' dinosaurs.

Lastly, Superman Returns blowed.

And you're right - things are too bloated - just watched the amazing Sam Fuller's 'Forty Guns' tonight - only 79 minutes long = perfect.

Alan in Belfast

You could always make the director's cut available as a download, and put the hacked short version on the podcast feed. For those of us not in Dublin, we might enjoy reliving the evening through your Minidisc player!

Bernie Goldbach

I have never downloaded a podcast longer than two hours. This will be an interesting episode because anything longer than 45 minutes means taking it in over several different time periods. That could destroy the narrative.

Judas Trainwreck

I'm for the Director's Cut Edition idea, more accurately, I'm for having EVERYTHING! Put as much of the material into the podcast as possible. Think of the HARDCORE FANS, Jett! We have high-speed internet now. Downloading a podcast won't take too awful long, no matter how long it goes. And by the way, WHERE is the podcast, anyway? It's the next week, now, and we're fiending for our LTA fix, so make with the podcast before we all starve! No, seriously, we want quality, so do whatever you feel you need to do to make the podcast ready.


Bernie - you have obviously missed out on the "olden days" of LTA, when podcasts were routinely over an hour long.... 1hr 30mn, 1hr 45mins was not unheard of.....


Is that it?

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