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March 18, 2007


Alan in Belfast


Something to listen to on the way to Brussels on Monday (assuming the EuroStar starts operating again).

Better have it uploaded by Sunday night, or I'll ... I'll ... I'll not be able to listen to it and go into a huff.


They say no one will be allowed into the auditorium once the podcast has begun!

Jett Loe

I'll do my best Alan - but, jeez, it's reeeeeal long.

Phil O'Kane

YAY! Been looking forward to it all weekend.

I mean no offense when I say this, i've been meaning to mention it a few times but always forget. Is it true that your podcast is of quite a low volume? I've always found that I have to turn my speakers up quite loud to have it at an audible level. Then if I forget and put music on I'm almost deafened until I find the mute button before lowering the volume.

Just wanna check if you are aware of this.

Take care.

Alan in Belfast

Yeah! Thanks. Downloaded and ready for the big tunnel tomorrow. Do they have portholes in the Eurotunnel to see the fish? Like an aquarium? It's going to be disappointing, I can tell. Anyway, I'll "stop doing material" and sign off. Ta again.

Jett Loe

Hi Phil - was not aware of this - if anybody else has this problem please let me know.

Alan, you're practically ready for the Empire! :)


Alan, the "Chunnel" does indeed have portholes. The last time I went through I happened to glance out just in time to see a giant squid wrestling a sperm whale. It was Jules-Verne-tastic.

Jett, If you fail to win next year (and you can tell Wayne this) I promise to award you a, specially commissioned, "Shafted, Shafted and Thrice Shafted" prize. Honest. I'm completely serious. I don't want to see Wayne so low again.

Phil O'Kane

Quite controversial points.

I understand what you mean about the club, I find this myself, not knowing many of the bloggers who were in attendance, though I can understand why they are all able to relate to each other; because they interact often with each other, sometimes outside of the awards.

As for them actually being fixed - I don't believe that's the case at all, I say this as a category judge.

Thanks for the final thought - Its a good one. In a similar vein to the motivating comments from all the Sports Racers on Ze Frank's The Show last. week


Alan, the chunnel does indeed have portholes. They were meant to be glazed with special glass but that got cut from the spiralling budget. It's no big deal since the trains are pressure sealed so can pass underwater no trouble. I last went through en route to Paris last Sunday. Look out for the salty residue on the train when you arrive in Brussels... other than that the twenty minute underwater bit is what keeps the train so sparkling clean.

Alan in Belfast

Turned out that the curtains were pulled over the portholes this week - most disappointing. But there were plenty of fish on the menu in Brussels to make up for the lack of a watery view.

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