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March 18, 2007

Letter to America - Chapter 62 - The Saint Patrick Day Search

St Patricks Day, Belfast, Northern Irleland
Ah, Sweet Truth Inside Us it's Letter to America - Chapter 62 - The Saint Patrick Day Search!

In which Jett and Wayne look for sexy, sexy Samantha Mumba, Custom House Square is no longer welcome to Skate Boarders, Miss Morans is the place to go for Smokes, Photographs of Festivies are taken, Unpaid Intern Erin's posts are discussed, Buses are ridden for free and a Monkfish is searched for high and low.

All this and more on your "We could have gone back to Kansas anytime" Podcast.

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Hope you had a good st paddys day. I remember you podcast from last year - I think, you went to bars, right?

I don't know...was so long ago. This year we go on an odyssey to find Sexy, Sexy, Samantha Mumba.

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