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March 24, 2007

Letter to America - Chapter 63 - Blue Peter and an Act of God

Image for Chapter 63 of Letter to America, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Coming soon, the first Letter to America vidcast.


Yikes, a vidcast... as if weekly ninety minute programmes weren't already enough to nearly kill my little laptop. You're just obliging me to upgrade Mr. Loe (translation: finally a good excuse to get a new MacBook).

Looking forward to next one. A video reponse to one of your earlier YouTube vids is on its way, slowly...

*j*'ll be short; 10 or 15 minutes on Google Video - since my editorial advisors are hammering me to make a leaner, more compact and thematically clearer show.

Actually, this would be your 2nd LTA vidcast. Do you not remember when you strained your voice and so you just recorded an hour or more of just you, your thoughts, and the great beyond?

Oh yeah...Chapter long ago.

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