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March 02, 2007


Jim Carey

Just catching up to the current podcasts and heard myself mentioned from "A Very Belfast Christmas" frappr shout outs. I was termed "little bit Columbine".

A fair enough assessment. But the picture of me drinking a beer was from it possible to be a "bit Columbine" while in Ireland? I prostrate myself bfore the court!

Jett Loe

Don't forget Jim: Columbine is a state of mind...

And thanks for listening! :)


I wonder what Jett's "management" fee will be?

Aorund Par

I hope I was helpful, Jett, in recalling the info, but remember, the email address is not Gemma's, just the friend of Gemma. Good luck finding her, by the way, and always remember... to set your clock to the correct time/day/month (that's a piece of advice to everyone out there...)

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