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March 27, 2007



That Turkish Wizard of Oz is going to give me horrible nightmares.

Jett Loe

That 'Turkish Wizard of Oz' rocks! For those of you not familiar with the form, the Turkish film industry has a grand tradition of 'appropriating' from Hollywood's hits: not to be missed if you get the chance: The Turkish Star Wars, The Turkish Superman, The Turkish Star Trek, et al.


Turkish Star Wars was fantastic. I felt much more at ease watching this, and loved the special effects!


hi mr jett. i'm the guy who talked/mumbled to you after you were taking these photos. sorry i've taken so long to visit this site, and you were right, it is a good show (i thought you were just a stereotypical american self-promoter, and maybe you are?, but you were surprisingly correct.) Anyway, it is very strange to see photos of people you know (the 'woman' is one of my fellow drama students!) in other people's photos, plus i think that's my bag at her feet (if any US ad company want to do a 'goth girl' thing with my bag just let me know!). good luck and i promise i'll listen next week.

Jett Loe

Thanks for tuning in 'pass' - we're a big tent here at LTA and always happy to welcome newcomers!


hi again, yeah it seems i messed up my name there with 'pass', which i actually sort of like, in an accident way. anyway if i post again it'll be with 'patric' or maybe 'pass' for fun.

Jett Loe

Hey, 'pass' works - one syllable - easy to remember.

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