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April 16, 2007


Alan in Belfast

In the spirit of Name That Tune, I'll name those cranes in one ...

They're building the 35m (diameter) glass dome on top of the new Victoria Square shopping centre in (not quite) the centre of Belfast.

Apparently the viewing gallery/dome will be open to the public 24/7, give access to the 8-screen Odeon cinema to be opened on the second floor, and the complex includes a hundred or so city apartments.

Having given so much detail, my guess is probably wrong. Arghh.


Excellent Mr. Loe. Thank you.


That wouldn't happen to be one of these cranes?


Whisky Nose

Gratias, I thought this gig was over!

Alan in Belfast

What'd you make of The Lives of Others?

Taking your advice, I avoided the appeal of getting a suntan in a cinema watching Sunshine, and opted to watch the awakening of a cultural conscience in a Stasi wiretapper.

Good film, if just a little long.

Jett Loe

Word on the Street is that 'The Lives of Others' is great - alas have been down with a cold, (hence not much posting here on LTA), and had to give it a miss when Dr. Higgin's came a callin'.

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