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April 17, 2007



I noticed the 'dual' listings in iTunes whilst listening to ch. 62.

Curious, but why the change in feeds (since we're all into the teaching here at the new-and-improved LTA website)?

Jett Loe

For a while there should be 3 LTAs at iTunes.

1) The original feed - which tells you where to go to get the Archive and New Episodes.

2) The Archive which is comprised of Chapters 1 through 61.

3) LTA The New Series which will be all Chapters from 62 onwards.

Right now iTunes hasn't updated them all properly - sometimes it takes a while to read all the feeds.

The main reason for the change in servers is cost - this wacky hobby of mine is starting to cost real money - I needed to move to an 'unlimited bandwidth/flat fee' solution.

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