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April 04, 2007



"our wee country" beat sweden 2-1 in the euro 2008 group qualifiers last week. with two pheno, strikes by David Healy. That puts NI at the top of their group (top two places advance to the finals) just about half way through the qualifying. Scotland and the ROI are tied for the top of their group as well.

England... anyone? anyone?


Our, are, arrr...

I was at a wedding the night of the England match and missed all the excitement. Then last Wednesday I was at another wedding and missed all that excitement too. But it was my own wedding this time so I suppose I shouldn't complain...


that's right Brabazon. It should of course read "are" now top of the league not "our". Congratulations, You win £5. Ask Jett

David Baxter

No political message taken from it. Its good to see a chippy with an original name and a sense of humour instead of something with Plaice in the title.

I wonder do they do steakettes (deep fried, batter hamburgers)? 3rd only in the heart attack league to the deep fried mars bar and Scotland's favourite the deep fried pizza.


I've heard of the fried Mars Bars but deep fried pizza!?!?!



BTW... gotta big laugh out of the name, I hope they do well and open up a whole chain of 'em!!

Jett Loe

Congrats on the wedding Brabazon; + your £5 will be coming in the post soon.

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