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April 08, 2007


Phil O'Kane

Hope you had a good st paddys day. I remember you podcast from last year - I think, you went to bars, right?

Jett Loe

I don't know...was so long ago. This year we go on an odyssey to find Sexy, Sexy, Samantha Mumba.

Kevin Gustina

Thanks for the kind words about my son, Duncan, who somehow was able to plant his frapper flag at the ripe old age of two. Big demographic for the LTA podcast? He talks about you to all his playdate friends.
Yes, the info about our world famous Garbage Plate is available at but briefly touches on the mass appeal of the "Plate" (as it is simply known here) towards the end of the article. Let's be honest, this is drunk food. After a night of drinking heavily people gravitate towards restaurants selling garbage plates, of which Nick Tahous is the most popular. I never ate one sober.
Love to the crew at LTA,
ps. the "disturbances" of which the wiki article speaks of were stabbings and shootings in the parking lot. Tahous is in a rough part of town, but as Jet would point out- that's all part of the fun, adventure, ambiance as it were.

Alan in Belfast

Glad to finally hear about your monkfish experience. Keep an eye out for the next fish Belfast will throw at you!


...wait a minute. Linenhall Street? Isn't that the red light district (near good ol' Margharita Plaza?)

You could have at least remembered her name :)


Jett Loe

I remember her now, thank goodness!- she works with Martha from caption contest fame! (That's Jackie on the right in the first photo).

Robert Sands

Hey Mr. Computer Savvy Guy,
If two people both use the same anonymizer to surf to your site then are they the same person?

Jett Loe

Hi Robert, why do you ask?

Robert Sands

Because of your insunuation that I posted under a different name. I don't do that but I use an anonymizer and yes I think that Ex-pats like yourself do a disservice to the image of Americans.

Jett Loe

Ah D00d, c'mon :)

When people use an anonymiser it registers as such - but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and chalk up to coincidence that your I.P. address and that of the person who agreed with you, (Senan), match, (though it is strange that neither of you had ever posted here before and yet ended your comments in Irish and have the same I.P. address...hmmm).

OK - that's enough of me needling you - in retrospect it was unkind of me to embarrass you like that - I should have contacted you privately - when I get the chance I'll edit that section out of the show and I'd ask you just to post under one name = agreed?

And re: the Expat thing, I'll stand by my previous comments - what gives Americans a bad name is not the random rambling of folks like me - it's the U.S. attacking a country that didn't attack it - resulting in the death of 10's of thousands of innocent people - that's what pisses people off.

Robert Sands

Dewd!!! :)
I know who Senan is and he called me and told me of his post so I added to it. I'm getting a chuckle out of the fact we show the same IP. I am not him nor is he me, honestly.
I also stand by my statement that the only good you can find in the US is a sunset out west somewhere. I'll say it again, your anti-American attitude is a disservice to my country.
Tiocfaidh ár Lá


I sleep comfortably knowing that the British are the real enemy:

Jett Loe

Sure Robert - I'll take you at face value - but the real big mystery for me is what is the 'anti-American attitude' you speak of? Mentioning the Iraq War is not 'anti-American' so what, in the show or in the blog, is anti-U.S.?? + Yes, JK - we must unite against the common foe.

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