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April 08, 2007



The irony of it is that you were being ironic, Americans aren't supposed to understand irony, you're an American in Belfast, and it's the Belfast folk who don't see that you're being ironic...

Local people have a huge 'blind spot' when it comes to local issues - all rational thought goes out the window...

I suspect you're not dealing with overly fleet minds here. Just ignore it...


I will fly from Los Angeles to see this. I will come in a few days before so I can look into the eye of the manimal called Jett Loe.

ps - I call the couch.
pps - he's probably 11, dude.

Jett Loe

Yeah, looking at his Bebo site I realise he's just a kid. But wouldn't it make a great video? Imagine the cross-cutting of me pounding the bag as Wayne says I need to develop some 'hurting power' / and Silvest11 downing pints at the local pub with his mates - all with 'Eye of the Tiger' playing in the background.


I'm gonna amend my previous statement to "he's probably 20, dude."
You could take him. I'll venture a guess that his "damn hard man" experience is quite limited. I predict he'll pull the windmill while you hold him off with a well-placed palm to his forehead.

You must proceed, Tiger.


Go here for chat pertaining to knocking (a person) the fuck out:

In terms of knocking fuck IN, I'm at a loss.


I propose a spelling bee.


I propose ignoring him given that a) he will neither understand nor care about this caustic dissection of his comments, b) if pressed enough he may well surprise you with his - or his mates' - ability to "knock ur fuck in"; well, you can just imagine the resulting headlines (although great publicity for the site, right?) and c) there are much, much better things to do at the weekend than online stalking - sorry "research" - of local spides and their girlfriends (although I will admit a curiousity about the things people buy on eBay. Unlike Silvest11, I was a little disappointed by The Devil Wears Prada.)

Jett Loe

A 'spelling bee' might be a better, (non-violent way! :) to sort it out.

Re: online stalking - heck it only took .2 seconds to find out about Silvest's purchase of 'The Devil Wear Prada'...but have just gotten some mails from LTA fans who have done major digging on him:

I won't publish Silvest's full name, (Adam seems to be his first), but it looks like he's over by P*****h Court in Newcastle - again I won't print the details re: where he lives and other aspects of his life - I get the feeling he may not be that au fait with the Interweb and not realise how easy it is for others find all this stuff.

I would just ask him to reconsider his threats towards me, and if he's still intent on 'knocking my fuck in' that he gives me one month's time to get in shape, (with 'Eye of the Tiger' playing).


what's better than online stalking? sex? yes. which is often the result of online stalking.


Loe: "p-u-n-k-a-s-s. yessir, that's you sorted!"

Wayne Ordinary American

Jett, you're always causing trouble...

I like that.


This could actually become quite the event.

I can actually envision Amercian newspapers (if not the Belfast Tele) picking up on a story like this....'American Ex-Pat Receives Threats for Stance on Captain Planet Cartoon; fight scheduled for May 19th'.

Particularly, since Captain Planet is the brainchild of Atlanta's own Ted Turner, the AJC (Atl Journal-Constitution) could be very interested.


Alright Jett whats the craic?

After watching your captain planet comments on Youtube myself and a friend both though that you were a bit clueless. However, after realising the irony to your post we realised you had us good. So we both just wanted to say fair play to you lad and well done for getting back at that wee slabberin' halion. Hope everhthing is going well for you and all the best for the future. Keep her lit.

Dave and Mark


wing yer neck in!one ust be so far up ones own arse that he cant get over himself and should possibly consider growing up!!

Jett Loe

I think I agree with you 'aph' - am not sure - can someone translate for me?, (p.s. I see that you're in Cumbernauld - I had one the best weeks ever there while directing 'Just for Laughs' Series 5 - a town with a undeserved reputation!)


"Wind yer neck in. I love this one, it means wise up or stop talking rubbish."


Jett Loe

I've got an idea - have got a lot of 'messages' from 'Silvest11's 'other half' on Bebo - that, plus Silvest's messages to me make for a great script = why not dramatise the event with actors? I'll play myself, 'Wayne Ordinary American' can play Silvest and 'The Englishman' can play the part of the girlfriend aka Lisa Donnelly aka 'ginger-minx' - we can tape it and incorporate it into the vidcast of Chapter 64.


you REALLY want to film yourself topless with "Eye of the Tiger" playing, don't you?

what are u gonna do with the goofy IMspeak?

(inspiration -

Jett Loe

Yeah, you know I REALLY DO want to train with 'Eye of the Tiger' playing. I thought it could be good fun = turning what I think is a very negative situation into something more sporting. We'll have to see what 'Silvest11' wants to do.


we know what he wants. be prepared for some taunting, Tiger.


I think "wee Adam" should be considered for the role of "silvest".

Wee Adam's Da


I was just about to suggest the very same thing.

However, on reflection, I feel that Wee Adam may be a little too mature for this role.



Eye of the Tiger is a good choice for the training montage - hopefully you can find a set of steps in Belfast to run up to the top of for the denoument - but for the face-off itself, the music must be the theme from Once Upon a Time in the West. Fade in - lonesome harmonica - lots of furrowed brow close ups as we get to the crescendo.

Then you knock his fuck in. No music, except the sweet music of ultimate fighting.


How can I not post this?


oh dear god, im sorry jett! i am notoriously slow to get jokes...

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