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April 08, 2007


Jett Loe

That's alright Becky, (I think she's referring to her comment about my Captain Planet YouTube video):

"words fail me... what an absolute, utter failure of a human being"

I least you didn't threaten to "knock my f**k in".


Sweet Rocky re-mix!


I think it's pretty clear that this guy has learnt his lesson. He's running scared. At least it was someone (like Jett) who's going to call his bluff and make him look a complete dick. Better than some psycho who culls his address from the net and cuts his face.

I suggest you cut him loose Jett; clearly it's just a dumb kid, whether he's 20 or not. Point made. etc.

I was wondering - as someone who read English - whether or not I should have the faculty to decipher what the f**k the dude has been trying to say in his messages?

I haven't a clue whether it's a climb down or "it's on."

Jett Loe

Was trying to make a few points with this post and my on-going conversation with 'Silvest11' - and it would be nice to turn a negative situation into something positive - that's why I think I'll dramatise this post for Chapter 64 of the Podcast - make it another Vidcast - but end on a serious note about cyber-stalking and the need for civility on the web.


Hilarious Jett! Thanks for posting :D

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