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April 05, 2007



I'd like to try what this 'Joost' is all about

claire baker

an invite would be Fantastic!


I would love a Joost invite if you could please send me one, Thanks


I d LOVE to have a joost invite, if you still have one left that is.
[email protected]

Jett Loe

Invites goin' out now to all of youse...


I'd like to have one .



I've been on their list to be a beta tester for ages now, and got an email last week saying they were about to launch the beta or something like that. Still a deafening silence; I am clearly low on their priorities. Is it any good? Is the future of broadcasting upon us?


I've been trying so hard to get a Joost invite. I don't know anyone who has Joost and am always too late when people have invites they offer to give away. I've been trying all week to find one. If you have any extra pleas help me out. Thanks so much.

[email protected]


Would love an invite if anyone has any leads.

[email protected]


This would be awesome to have... especially for an apple tv, i just read this

Jett Loe

All the invites have no been given away, (they went to the first 4 who commented), will post in future when I receive more.

Re: Jeremy's questions "is the future of broadcasting upon us?" - well...the Interface is ok - and it streams just fine on my mid-range broadband connection - there's not much content, (that will be rectified am sure), but the main thing is unlike using Apple's iTunes on an iMac there's no 'remote control' so it's a 'lean forward' experience which I'm not into at all - if someone released a hack so a remote could control it then = there's possibilities - right now iTunes is more the 'future' for me.


Well, the Joost people have finally decided to allow me in on the action. Am impressed; the interface (Mac version) seems a little clunky in full screen but as you say the streaming quality is say not bad at all, and content-wise they have at least have a poker channel which is really all you need, let's be honest...

I have to say I'm getting pretty tired of waiting for Jobs & co. to tie up agreements for iTunes movie/TV content outside of the US, and the new kids on the block like Joost and Vuze look a lot more interesting to me at the moment (whatever happened to the BBC's much-vaunted iMP service?)

BTW, the Apple Remote works fine with Joost on my iMac. It's Joost build 0.91.

Jett Loe

Cool - so you can you the 'Remote' with Joost = excellent = changes the whole equation for me.

I've been purchasing TV Shows off of the U.S. iTunes Store = great experience - watching Heroes/Battlestar/Andy Barker etc. - very, very rarely watch U.K. Broadcast TV anymore.

P.S. Did you have to do anything special with Joost .91 to get the remote to work?


Nothing special, I just gave it a try and it worked (It's actually 0.9.1 rather than 0.91, just to be clear.) Was just having another wee play with it and I find the full screen mode incredibly lagged, even with a fast cable connection. The on-screen menu takes forever to switch channels and inevitably ends up jumping about 3 or 4 down. It's a real pain when all you want to do is catch an episode of Bridezilla. Perhaps as a responsible official Beta Tester I should be telling the Joost team - I assume there is such a thing - about these teething problems.

Very interesting that you prefer iTunes/internet based broadcasts to the good old TeeVee in the corner. I can't say I'm quite there yet, although I do use an Elgato EyeTV with my Mac, which is half-way I suppose.

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