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April 03, 2007



Amsterdam's airport has has "See.Buy.Fly" printed on all their bags for over 15 years. I don't think there's a revolution coming - people are worse than ever. Have you ever seen those "Black Friday" post-Thanksgiving sales in the US where people beat each other up just to get to the bargains? It's a sad modern permutation of the hunter-gatherer instinct in our blood. And of course, more and more exploited by tricky psychological techniques of manipulation (Goebels, anyone?). In some ways, it's no more different than religion = people feel comfortable being told what to do - they want rules and guidelines. For many people, purchasing something, even if they don't need it, justifies their existence! It's sad, but I don't think it will get better. I am constantly cringing at movies these days when out of nowhere, a can of Diet Pepsi or something, label facing clearly for all to read, will be directly centre-screen between the characters, the focal point of the scene composition. With all the outlets for advertising in the digital age, any hint of sublety (not that there was much to begin with) is going further and further out the door....."They Live" was always a documentary for me. It should be required viewing in schools!


I don't have the statistics to quote, but I believe that BAA (the British Airport Authority) earns more from retail and renting retail units in its airports than any other owner of commercial property in the UK.



Aha, found the book which contains the stats behind my last wildly unsubstantiated statement. It's an excellent read on the architecture of consumerism, pausing also to examine the abandoned malls of the USA and how airports are now more shopping centres than transport hubs:



I'm more disturbed by the amorphous black shape at the bottom of the screen.

Is that Jett's reflection? :)


This is the kind of thing I'd be up to if I was the text writer for such information screens (link may need tidying up):

Agree with you about They Live. They don't make 'em like that anymore. Eveything's too slick and bombastic these days.

Jett Loe

D-Man is right, 'They Live' should be required viewing in schools - though probably the teachers would worry bout the kids imitating the fight scene!

Re: a revolution coming - don't think that's going to happen - not in the conventional sense of a massive upheaval brought about by some sort of proletariat - am just getting a feeling...

...the same feeling D-Man I got when I wrote that pamphlet 'Plagiarism and You'; (full disclosure here - I've known 'D' since I was 11 years old, (I was a strange kid as you can imagine - recall that I pretended to be English for a while...ahhh that explains so much! - anyhew around 1990 I wrote this self-published pamphlet, ((yes, the days before blogging)), in which I described the coming 'Datasphere' in which all information would be traded back and forth electronically - causing untold problems with the nature of copyright/originality, etc. - 'Plagiarism and You' was prescient in an obvious way and am just getting the same kind of 'tingling' now that something's gonna happen).


When "They Live" first came out there were protests from Jewish organizations because some anti-semites thought the film was about the secret Jews running the world. Why Jewish groups would protest makes no sense; they should have stayed silent and secretly proud.

Jett Loe

You know who secretly runs the world? Nobody.

No one is in charge.

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