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April 14, 2007



Well, for God's sakes, don't make a video about it.


I remember this well (in fact, as a sad Trekkie I knew what year it was) - however I didn't know it had been banned here.

It's not worth going to see though... it wasn't a particularly good episode IIRC, and there really is only that one mention of Ireland...

In a fictional sci-fi context.


This reminds me of an episode from my darkest of cult tv secret's: Gerry Anderson's 1970 TV series 'UFO' (basically a very expensively made and largely unsuccesful sci-fi story set in the distant future..... well, 1980...)

In one scene a white character is talking to a black character about the way the black guy was treated badly by a former colleague. I don't have the script to hand, but a suggestion of the show's aspirations for the future comes in a line which goes something like:

"Surely you don't think it was because you're black?"
"Don't be stupid... that whole racism thing burnt out in the nineteen-seventies..."

The distant future of 1980's Britain was also expected to feature cars that drove on the right hand side of the road and evil aliens intent on body snatching for organ transplants... class.


Jett Loe

Ahhh, UFO - a strange, strange show. There's something very odd about it - and other Gerry Anderson 'live-action' projects, (as opposed to his puppet shows), such as Space 1999 and Journey to the Far Side of the Sun - they all have an inhuman coldness / a strange flat tone that permeates the action and acting.

I'm working right now with a guy who was the 'show-runner' on one of his live action things - will have to ask him about it.

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