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April 01, 2007



Surely you mean Stroke City/Stroke City?


Went there once, got called a police informer, had my glasses stolen. What the tourists see in it i dont know, best avoided.

Jett Loe

I had to go there on business. Not that a bad an experience - nice 2-hour trip on the train.

And Keith, in conversation I normally refer to it as Derry Derry London Derry - said 3 times very fast.


First time I went there from Belfast we went by bus. Everyone said it was faster than the train. And it is, if you get the right bus. But we got the wrong bus... the one via Omagh and Strabane. Spent more than three hours seeing Northern Ireland's beautiful scenery... can't say the destination was ever going to be worth it...



Ah the Maiden City, so named because its walls have never been breached. I lived there for 4 long years. I can't tell you how happy I am to be in Belfast were you can say the name of the place without taking sides!


Hey jett,

I keep checking my iTunes. Nothing.


Jett Loe

I edited most of Chapter 62 on the plane back from D.C. - hopefully it will be up tonight.

Obviously I need to change my production processes if I hope to do a weekly show; (how bout just making it shorter? = 30mins a week instead of an hour every couple o' weeks?)

Alan in Belfast

20-30 minutes a week would be good. If you did some one-take shows you might squeeze them through the editing process faster. Something like Jett, Wayne and Erin drink coffee at Clements and talk about the irony of Wayne winning lots of awards vs the Irish Blog Awards fiasco!

You used to get the FilmTalk podcasts out pretty snappy ... until you became constipated with Filmtalk 8!

Jett Loe

Though Film Talk has been restarted, (look for a redesign of the FT Website ala the redesign of LTA), Film Talk 8 must never be heard, for oh so many reasons. FT9 will be coming soon...


I don't think it's so much to do with the length of the final show, it's the amount of stuff you must be recording only to edit out later. Get Erin to be more strict with you: give her a stopwatch and a stick and get her to prod/whack when you go over time on each feature...



(how bout just making it shorter? = 30mins a week instead of an hour every couple o' weeks?) ~ Jett

Or you could pull your finger out and get on with it. ;)

Delighted to hear FT will be back too.

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