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April 22, 2007




Gonzales said more than 60 times that he "couldn't recall" certain incidents. His former chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, used that explanation 122 times during his testimony weeks ago.


if you can make it thru the Hyundai ad, the Daily Show has a fun clip called "Justice Scandal" in Most Recent Videos on their site. Apparently, Alberto used the phrase "I don't recall" 45 times before lunch.

Salem MacGourley

I'm joining Jett in Belfast if the people running this country have THAT stultifyingly poor memories. I'll take Ahern and MacDowell over that nonsense any day.


Not the Bush administration's finest hour... wait!

Katrina - Iraq - wire-tapping - twin deficits - Gitmo - Abu Gharib...

I think it actually just may be the Bush administrations finest hour.

Well done Gonzo.

Salem MacGourley

Pardon me while I smack myself as I remember that Ian Paisley is in NI, not Ahern. Adurr..

Whisky Nose

That's the trouble with Bush and his buddies, they get drunk, smash the place up and then can't recall what the hell they did.

Mr. Closets

Whether incompetent or corrupt the outcome should ultimately be his resignation. In any other democracy this administration would have been removed from office.

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