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May 01, 2007



Should I laugh or cry when Bill Moyers accidentally refers to 'Vietnam' instead of 'Iraq'?

GB and NI readers who aren't familiar with the Daily Show should be reminded that it's now broadcast one day behind the US schedule, weeknights at 20h30 on More4, which is free on all UK digital TV services. It's a uniquely American show, and it comes across as such on British / European television; I can't place it technically (and it's a lot more complex than just being louder and less subtle) but the humour and methods are different to anything over here. Very very interesting to hear Stewart speaking about the show.


Jett Loe

Yeah - the Vietnam slip is interesting - I've heard it from 2 other commentators of Bill Moyers' age - does not bode well for the war.

You can also get clips of the Daily Show from Comedy Central's Motherload

Mr. Closets

Who can blame Mr. Moyers for the Vietnam slip when that is precisely what everone is thinking. The similarity of the corrupt Nixon administration to the current Bush regime is another unfortunate coincidence.

Roy Burns

When Moyers mentions that Bush has to go to South Africa to be asked about nuclear weapons of mass destruction, Stewart reminds him that Bush dosen't meet the press. He hides away and later holds a choreographed press briefing compared to Tony Blair's grilling in the British Parliament.

The line comparing Fox News with Al Jazeera was classic. "Every country should have one" quipped went right over Moyers head.

Jett Loe

Al Jazeera now distributes its English-language channel on YouTube

Al Jazeera English

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