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May 14, 2007



Christopher seems live with the joy that a only man living in a god-less void can feel.

I love George Carlin, though.

Carlin's bit made me think of my kids.

My kids (who I created) just turned 2. I am told when they turn two they become "self aware". Meaning, they are aware of themselves as individuals. They can make decisions. They can influence their environs.

They have turned into complete a$$holes.

They cry. They hit (us and each other). They do things we do not want them to do.

We tell them "don't do that". But they do it anyway. Usually they face repercussions for their actions. But they often do the same things anyway. They make us mad.

But, we still love them. We try to give them all the information they need to be good, and live a productive life.

When they get older, they will become more independent. At some point, we may or may not have any influence over them whatsoever. They may disappoint us. But regardless, we will still love them.

Maria W

Phil - your 2yos are pissed off because they know exactly what they're saying, but you just don't seem to understand. It's like understanding Japanese, but not being able to speak it. Very f**king frustrating. For all involved.
So, learn some Japanese, my man.
Or... wait it out. They'll eventually speak your language.
In theory.


Hitchens is correct in that Hannity acts as though he has not heard the arguments against him. Your own Richard Dawkins posts from long ago (maybe the last time I've been here, sorry for staying away!) address all of his arguments. That said, it's sad that both these men are acting like snobbish kids. Rather than addressing the logic of each other's points, they try to make the other look passive aggressive. Hannity wants to make Hitchens look "angry at God," Hitchens wants Hannity to look irrational and immature.

This is why I don't think these little soundbites in news shows are a great forum for theology debates.

Still, thanks very much for posting these. And no matter what you believe about God, Carlin in great. Unfortunately for Carlin, I'll always associate him with Shining Time Station. I never remember the Conductor going through an athiest phase, but maybe it was subtle.

Jett Loe

I agree with Jenny that these clips don't work as real debate over matters theological -

in the short few minutes these people have they stay on target regarding the reason they're there -

to promote themselves. Anything other than that would be a waste of bandwidth as it were.

An example of what television is capable of regarding more in-depth, nuanced and intellectually honest discussion that is about discovery rather than selling can be found on programmes by Bill Moyers - check out his 'Faith and Reason':

Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason


Maria - so very true. I just choose to spank them until they learn.

The reason I tell that story is there is an interesting parallel to parenthood and Carlin's claims that if God existed, the world wouldn't be so messed up, or if He does exist, He doesn't care what we do.

Phil other news, I wonder what Jerry Fallwell discovered today?

Maria W

I got your greater meaning, Phil. If there is a God, he's not speaking our language. Spank on.



Wayne Ordinary American

Ummmmm.... No, I'm not going to say what I was going to say. Carry on...

Maria W

uh oh - have I upset Wayne?

Wayne Ordinary American

No, I'm not upset by any of this- live and let live is my motto. For me it's best if I run from any argument about religion. I'm too much of a "sitting on the post" (no pun intended (unless you think its funny...)) type of guy these days.

Maria W

I am not currently a believer in the Invisible Sky God, but I was raised Catholic. I converse accordingly.

Pun inferred and enjoyed.

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