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Letter to America - Chapter 66 - Teaser Trailer

LTA Chapter 66 - A Dramatic Re-enactment of this story.


Letter to America - Chapter 65 - The Pirates of the Caribbean is Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine!


Arghhh Me Hearties! It's Letter to America - Chapter 65 - The Pirates of the Caribbean is Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine!

In which Richard Parkin does his duty, Gareth Higgins hums a few tunes and Jett Loe is called away on business.

All this and more on your "This Film Has Put Me In A Trance" Podcast.

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Google Street View Unveiled

Google's just launched its new Street View service - I immediately went to see what happened to the place most important to me in my youth:

Google Street View, Visiting the Old UC Theatre in Berkeley


May 29, 2007

Creation Museum, (aka Land O' Crazy), Opens in Kentucky to Much Acclaim

Creation Museum Employees get together for a week of inspirational training

Yes, friends - if you're in Kentucky these days why not visit the brand-spanking new 'Creation Museum'?:

Creation Museum - Prepare to Believe!

The Cyberweb has been a 'buzzin' with all sorts of news about this exciting venue where, according to the website: "'facts' don'€™t speak for themselves"!

Here's a preview:

Sneak Peek @ Creation Museum

Now, strangely, not everyone seems to be a fan of the CM:

The Big Lie

But I'm sure one trip to this wonderful world of Biblical Literalism would dispel anyone's doubts about the fundamental truths on display.  I've checked the LTA Frappr Map but don't see any listeners in Kentucky.  Which is a shame.  Do we have anybody even remotely nearby who's willing to make the drive down and check it out?

(Photo from the Creation Museum Website:  'Guest Services Staff get together for a week of inspirational training')


The Lord Mayor's Parade, Belfast

Runaway Float, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Ack!  It's a runaway float at what turned out to be the Lord Mayor's Parade.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

Belfast - City Miscellaneous


Belfast - City Miscellaneous

Lord Mayor's Parade, Belfast 2007

One of the things I love about living in Belfast is that because I'm a stranger here, with most of my friends drawn from various ex-pat communities, (eccentric English actors, soused South African wastrels, Thai Dancers with a chip on their shoulder, etc.),  I usually have no idea what's going on.  So from day to day what I see in Belfast comes as a complete surprise. 

The fellow above for instance.  As I was wandering in Belfast City Centre on Saturday I came across a parade - a parade who's meaning, import and theme I could not devise.  I'm sure to the little ones lining the streets it all made sense - but to me it just seemed a random jumble - there was a gaggle of guitar strumming Portuguese students, a flat bed truck of Elvis Impersonators, a tribute to the Special Olympics and the gentleman above.

I felt like David Bowie's character in the Man Who Fell to Earth; Belfast truly is alien to me and I love it for that.


May 25, 2007

The Belfast Welecome Centre Lady Will Steal Your Soul

The Belfast Welcome Centre Lady will steal your soul

At the front of the Belfast City Welcome Centre on Donegall Place, Belfast, is a 2-story high poster of this scary woman.  I swear to you, no matter where you are on Donegall her eyes seem to be on you.


May 24, 2007

Whitey Johnson, Nashville Based Musician at 'No Alibis'

Whitey Johnson, Texas-born musician, now based in Nashville, Tennessee

As viewers of the 'Behind the Scenes' Video Newsletter know I am intrigued by this Belfast / Nasville 'sister-city' thing.  What's the deal?  Will this strange, unexplained connection necessitate my travelling to Nashville for a while to do the Podcast?

The answer is probably yes.

Fortunate then that Nashville-based Bluesman Whitey Johnson is playing at No Alibis this Saturday at 8pm, (yes, that's right - not only is No Alibis the best bookstore in Northern Ireland they've also got live music too!).

Hopefully Whitey will let me pick his brains for a few minutes before the gig as to the best place to hole up in Nashville while I do the show.



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