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May 08, 2007



My... what ...... piercing blue eyes... *shudder*


you should get that checked out, James. Blepharospasm is no joke.

Jett Loe

Yes, I never really noticed Waynes piercing blues until now.


...because you were so beguiled

Wayne Ordinary American

It's a curse and a blessing...


Monday Night... Tuesday... BAH! Jett Loe, why must you tease?

Jett Loe

I always overestimate the time I've got to do these things. Sorry!

Jett Loe

To tide you over 'jk' here's a list of what people have been searching for on the site recently:

Day Time of Query Query
--- -------------------- ---------------
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Mon May 07 02:21:46 2007 filmtalk
Sun May 06 09:14:43 2007 giants causeway
Sun May 06 09:07:48 2007 giants causeway
Sun May 06 07:01:30 2007 sex photo
Sat May 05 18:37:08 2007 things that start with k in virginia
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Sat May 05 18:36:37 2007 things that start with k in virginia
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Sat May 05 17:58:37 2007 gmtv
Sat May 05 17:47:24 2007 gay
Fri May 04 11:12:00 2007 causeway
Fri May 04 08:16:47 2007 ruairi
Fri May 04 08:12:16 2007 ruairi
Fri May 04 07:28:34 2007 belfast
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Fri May 04 02:47:33 2007 miss x
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Thu May 03 22:05:11 2007 board of canada
Thu May 03 22:04:52 2007 boards
Wed May 02 02:11:24 2007 security
Tue May 01 23:41:25 2007 None
Tue May 01 09:33:36 2007 Seo duinn, aon duinne nios brea
Tue May 01 09:26:23 2007 hen party
Tue May 01 09:07:17 2007 "Seo duinn, aon duinne nios brea".
Tue May 01 06:01:11 2007 email
Tue May 01 05:47:55 2007 email
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Sun Apr 29 10:57:40 2007 gothic
Sat Apr 28 10:25:37 2007 Kirsteen O'Sullivan
Sat Apr 28 02:10:26 2007 belfast zoo
Fri Apr 27 00:05:27 2007 zizek
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Thu Apr 26 11:12:30 2007 the world famous
Thu Apr 26 11:10:18 2007 jon joe


Grrrrrr Jett!

I'm up at 5am tmrw and then away for 3-days...

...I was hoping to have my iPod stuffed, including a sparkly new LTA episode...

...but now I have to wait until Thursday. I suppose I shouldn't complain; I mean, it is free. Yet, somehow, I still feel short-changed. ;o)

Nevermind, Thursday is my birthday, so we'll call it a present, eh?

Jett Loe

Yes, it is free after all. Yet, from the emails I get sometimes it seems that people feel that I owe them something. I don't know - I'd say to support the our 'sponsors' but we really don't have any.

I'll try to get the show done as soon as possible.


awwwww. I feel like an ass. I was just trying to let you know I love the show.

Jett Loe

No problem 'jk'! Thanks again for listening!


I love the dichotomy expressed between the "Jett & Wayne" image and the "Bonjour!" inset photo seen on Wayne's left shoulder...which is "fact", and which is "fiction"...hmmm?

Somehow, I get the feeling that the G.C. brings out the former more than the latter?


'jk' thanks 'jl' for the podcast.

Vermont Neighbor

Just rambled in... good fun... it's like you guys are Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on some city to city tour!

Jett Loe

I'm assuming Wayne is Matt Damon??? That'll be my new nick-name for him! :)


Thanks for the shout out Jett! I love that Wayne doesn't believe you have actual fans who approach you in the street....I bet Laurel used to say that to Hardy as well.


Re: the guy in the booth at Carrick-a-Rede

Is it just me or can I detect a slight 'mid-Atlantic' tinge to the bloke in the booths accent? I've noticed this before on some older LTA episodes, that by talking to Jett some folk unwittingly assume a slight 'twang'...

Maybe they're not really Northern Irish? Maybe they're hired 'extras' in the LTA drama attempting to do a Northern Irish accent? ;)

Jett Loe many possibilities Brabazon - who's to say what's real and what's not after all?


Very Good Jett,

You're a clever man aren't you, eh?

Just listened to the episode. Very Philip K. Dick.

Good point, well made I'd say.

Jett Loe

I have fond memories of ditching school repeatedly when I was 14 and spending it in the library reading every Dick short story/novel I could find - thanks for reminding me 'Tyger'.

I love the fact that he authored the world we live in way back in the 50's.

Does this mean that 'modern' life, (and don't' we need a word to replace 'modern' or 'post-modern' or 'contemporary'), is like that of a amphetamine riddled paranoiac?

The answers must be yes.

Aaron Heath (tyger)


Yes, I must really ditch my nom de plume, now I have grown up... (these aren't Usenet forums anymore)

Yeah, I used to read Dick at about the same time (inspired by Total Recall and Bladerunner). The very last twist in the Giant's.. episode had me muttering "bastard" - I was played until the very end.

Salem MacGourley


Thanks for the acknowledgement in the Frappr section of the podcast. Wasn't expecting that treat during a cross-country drive I was on, but the egotist in my always loves a mention.

It's Mac like Mac'n'Cheese, followed by Gore-lee pronunciation wise, descended from the ever-obscure MacThoirdelbaigh of Antrim Co. Bonus points if you can pronounce that.

Go figure, I am actually both a loner and an aspiring novelist, you're quite the judge of character. And yes, by aspiring novelist, I do mean under-employed and horribly unmotivated. Working to fix both counts diligently.

Also, I do believe completely that you visited the Giants Causeway, did some clever editing tricks at the end to throw us off, and put in all those hints to lead us down the wrong path. It was very "Life on Mars" of you. I enjoyed it, and nothing you can say will sway my opinion of the veritas of your trip.

Alan in Belfast

Loved the fiddle-dee-dee tips. Yet again LTA proves that it's all about the quality of the journey rather than the destination!

If anyone's intrigued by Jett and Wayne's audio-described journey to the north coast, feel free to check out the pictures of Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and the Giant's Causeway over at Alan in Belfast, taken just a couple of weeks earlier.

Jett Loe

Good luck on the novel Salem and yes, Alan, it's all about the journey - cause I'm afraid the destination is the sweet release of the grave.

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