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May 30, 2007


Maria W

"Saturday" has come and gone, 'jl'. Where be the podcast?

Jett Loe

Alas this podcast was abandoned - for so many reasons. It'll be another 'lost' episode - perhaps released some time from now on Though I will try recording a new version of it tomorrow.


Jet - this ep (64) hasn't uploaded on iTunes yet, just wanted to let you know, JB


Jet - sorry just read your comments from this morning... Project X must be keeping you busy ... we're waiting for the magic! JB


Worse than SpiderMan 3?

This saddens me.

Jett Loe

Actually, I enjoyed Spiderman 3, but I may be the only one.


I found it very disappointing. If they had removed the middle hour of the film, I think it would have been great. The whole "jazz club" scene was simply baffling.

I was looking forward to seeing POTC III.

Maria W

1) Jett Loe - I can't believe you didn't post the Jett Loe Pirates3 Digimask I sent you.
2) Phil - Spidey 3 was an asinine mess of a film. I'm with you on the dance number.

Jett Loe

I must be the only person in the world who liked the 'dance number' in the pic + the Digimask - perhaps you can provide a link for the readers of this blog so that everybody can go pirate...arghhh! :)

Maria W

Pirate Jett:

Make Yerself a Pirate:

It's more fun than the movie... ARRRRRRGH!


I really enjoyed Spiderman III- and I thought the jazz club scene was hilarious. It was camp and B-movie-ish...kind of like a Sam Raimi film n'est pas? I actually kind of wanted the film to be a little bit longer...


I say, leave the camp for Adam West.


I was really bored by Spidey 3. I don't think much of Dunst to be honest, she really is a bit wet.

The whole thing just seemed like an unfocused mish-mash of a thing, more concerned with whizzes and bangs than actual character development and real emotion.


Awww no podcast? I had the misfortune of seeing POC3 last night and wow - what a disaster. Every 20 minutes there a cute monkey moment, that's about it :-P

Adam Turks

Please... for the love of Christ, don't let Higgins sing again.

Or if he does entitle the Chapter 'LTA Chapter xx - well its not really LTA and be warned Higgins sings'

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