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May 14, 2007



What are they opposed to?

Jett Loe

I don't know.

Alan in Belfast

The teeny weeny writing on the placards suggests that they're protesting against water rates - and wanting their tears of distress to be metered, and then subtracted off their annual usage.


Thanks Alan.

I couldn't help but notice the Re/Max signs on the building behind them. Man, those guys are EVERYWHERE.


For all you confused viewers out there, NI is the only part of the UK where water charges don't exist. As you can imagine any change to this situation causes much upset and complaining. Too offended to even consider paying for the service that brings clean water into their homes, Ulster residents will have no choice but to buy all their water in plastic bottles at Tesco...


Free water? Wow, they're like the Puerto Rico of the UK. Damn freeloaders! ::shakes fist::

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