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May 25, 2007



Oh, she's lovely...


She's not bad - but those 15 ft. tall teeth are what get to me.

Roy Burns

A typical Belfast woman with all that heidous orange coloured stuff they plaster their faces with. S...H...U..D...D...E...R!

Jett Loe

Yes, that's true Roy. For you outsiders: many Belfastian women do have applied on a regular basis copious amounts of fake tan - sometimes they shimmer an iridescent orange in the night.


I'm guessing that you meant to say "no matter where you are on Donegall [b]Place[/b] her eyes seem to be on you", but I suspect those eyes could reach as far as county Donegal.... *shudder*

Jett Loe

Dude, I know she's watching me RIGHT NOW.

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