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May 24, 2007


Maria W

you asked:

Nashville's Sister Cities - Belfast, Northern Ireland
Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. The region's connection with Tennessee dates from from the Scots-Irish settlement of the area in the eighteenth century to the diverse relationships and cultural ties that link Belfast and Nashville today. Belfast has been an official sister city of Nashville since 1995 in a partnership focusing on social projects, education, and musical and cultural exchange.
Also - Caen, France / Edmonton, Canada / Madgeburg, Germany / Taiyuan, China


It is a very unusual partnership, to say the least. A partnership that I think must be explored.

Envisioning you in Nashville by itself is worth the encouragement for you to shift the podcast for at least a little while.


gig was excellent....Belfast needs more of this and less of the tatler/apartment/Toni+Guy hairstyles shite. Makes me think Belfast MIGHT be ok.

Roy Mccurry

Great nights entertainment----A triple header for £10 and a few drinks thrown in -- who needs Dolly and co @ £70 a head and you cant even see them without binoculars.Full marks to all concerned Roy

Jett Loe

Wish I could have made it - would have been fun!

And, yes, you're right 'M' we do need a wee bit less of the whole Toni and Guy thing here - though it does make for interesting people watching re: the 'plumage' of N.I. ladies' hairstyles.

And also thanks to 'Maria W' for the info about the 'Sister City' program - perhaps this could help sponsor in some way a Belfast/Nashville Podcast Hookup.

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