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May 30, 2007



Is this not a good thing? Imagine if they allowed you to subscribe to feeds within the YouTube menu, you could watch LTA vodcasts via your TV on demand.

I already do this via Apple TVs podcasts menu, but millions of videos and feeds on YouTube ups the content available to your living room by a huge order of magnitude.

It excites me.

Jett Loe

Oh yeah, that's what I meant. Re: it's all over = we've entered the new age of media distribution.


The amount of copyrighted clips on YouTube may present Apple with some potential legal headaches, though. But a Good Thing, for sure. I see they've also announced a 160GB version of the AppleTV.


Do you have an Apple TV? It really is one of the best purchases I've made in recent times.

I had a Microsoft Media PC, but really, the Apple approach is much, much more intelligent. The only thing I missed at first was recording TV, and I've since realised that anything worth watching can be retrieved via other means.

LTA vodcasts on a 100" projection screen? Yep. Done that.

All they need to do now is figure out how to sort out the DD5.1 passthrough on mp4s and I'll be happy. Oh, and give us access to the iTunes radio feeds via the menu as well.

While I'm in a semi-moaning mood, wouldn't it be great if the BBC offered all its stations via iTunes streaming? Instead of the horrible realplayer? Should I really be moaning at some tech-blog rather than here?

Jett Loe

If you can't moan over here at LTA where can you moan Ronster?

+ Yes, Realplayer is the spawn of the devil,

+ I've been waiting for Apple TV tech for ages - have been using their Airtunes hardware for a couple of years and am a real convert - at some point in the future when I'm more settled down and not as peripatetic, (meaning when I've got a big-ass TV), then I'll get da Apple TV, (watch a lot of shows now via a U.S. account on iTunes - the Shield, the Office and yes, even Heroes...).

Maria W

I still have no idea why it is so impossible to believe you watch "Heroes." But, it is.


What other shows do you watch? Battlestar Galactica? Now there's a frackin' show.

I love The Shield, just getting to the end of the 6th Season and its actually giving me corrupt dreams. The Office may be that rare beast, an American version of a Brit-com that actually exceeds the original. Heroes was great fun.

The Wire, however, may be the greatest thing to ever happen to television.

Jett Loe

Yes of course Battlestar Galactica, another iTunes purchase along with Heroes/The Shield/The Office...and yes, speaking of the Office - watching the 2nd season I realised - holy crap - is this actually better than the British version? In a lot of ways yes, it's funnier...not too sure about S3 but anyhew it's a great show.

+ Heroes = I got sucked in, bad.

+ Yes, the Wire - folks have been tellin' me that for years. Ok, I'll break down and get all the eps.


Have to confirm the word on the street re: The Wire.

I, too, resisted the show for many years - then I began watching the most recent season and couldn't stop.

Maria W

As usual, I second Phil.


Not to build it up too much, but THE WIRE is indeed awesome :-)

Don't feel too bad about watching HEROES - I do too - and even UGLY BETTY!

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