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June 30, 2007



..."and boy are my arms tired"....

Speaking of movies, this guy looks like a "movie extra" doesn't he? He doesn't look like a 'real' Prime Minister. Like this guy isn't going to make it to the end of the film, or, he's said his little bit and you won't see him for the rest of the movie.


That is the worst impression of Tony Blair I have ever seen. He should be ashamed of himself.


A very sombre approach from Gord. I prefer the reported comment from the officer on the scene when confronted with a "reveller" - "get out of here NOW - cos we dont want to be scraping pieces of you off the street." Ah well, it's another great opportunity to create an over paranoid police state.


Let's hope the police don't inadvertently shoot any Brazilians again :-( Is he somber, or just or tranquiliziers?

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