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June 30, 2007

Gordon Brown - President of the United K.; aka the Prime Minister Assuages Your Concerns


Check out this video of our new Prime Minister here in the U.K.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

I love how he dashes into the room while saying 'he's just come out of a meeting' - as if - literally - the meeting was right behind that door seconds ago.  That, the shaky 'real' camera-work, the attempted bombings of the last two days and the fact that it's so strange having a new Prime Minister after 10 years makes my trip to London this week feel like I'm living in the movie 'Children of Men'.


The American European Party - We Need a European Presidential Candidate for 2008

State Department, Washington D.C.


One of the hardest things to get across to folks in the States is how powerful the U.S. is abroad.  You can't live in Europe without being reminded that the U.S.A. is the current empire - with its policy, both foreign and domestic, impacting every facet of life over here.

This creates a great amount of frustration as there is no direct representation for the average 'Eurocit' in U.S. corridors of power.  Imagine, Dear American Reader, being governed from a far place not your own, with the popular culture, food and politics surrounding you stemming from this strange land - yet your own self having no ability to influence this foreign county's policy.

The 'Eurocit' can't vote in the U.S. yet has to deal the consequences of American action - whether it's blow-back from the criminal war in Iraq, the deleterious effects of colossal American energy use or, God help us, Oceans 13.

Both the individual and the mass can only endure this imbalance for so long.  What should the great peoples of Europe do?  Protest at Embassies?  Boycott American goods and services?  Or...something much more interesting?

Which brings us to the Europe 2008 Exploratory Committee.  Created by PNEC, (the Project for a New European Century - a well known, influential European Think Tank), the Committee is sending representatives to the U.S. in July to find a native-born candidate to run for president in 2008 on a platform of issues vitally important to Europe.  As stated in their press release these include:

   *  Enhanced international cooperation through bodies like the UN and EU
    * To leave the case of Iran for Europe to deal with
    * Withdrawing all US troops from Iraq, replacing them with UN forces and European intellectuals
    * Quick implementation of the Kyoto protocol with a further pledge to cut greenhouse emissions by 50% in 2050
    * Recommit Federal Government to the rule of law
    * Recommit the US to the International Criminal Court treaty and 1969 Vienna Convention on  the Law of Treaties
    * The immediate closure of the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay and all similar facilities outside of US jurisdiction
    * A universal national single-payer health care system
    * Cutting federal funding for faith-based initiatives and charitable choice programs
    * Banning religiously-based curricula in government-funded public schools
    * Slashing all tariffs on European-make vehicles
    * Limiting bans on indoor smoking
    * Increasing federal funding of stem cell research, abolishing all restrictions
    * An ambitious federal programme of subsidies for soccer and cricket schools across the nation

I think you'll agree that, while ambitious, the initiatives listed above are necessary and undoubtedly would go a long way in making the U.S. not only more 'Eurocentric', and therefore less unsettling, but also a more 'Responsible Global Partner' and ally in the coming war with our true enemies.

To find out how you can help, contact Senior PNEC Press Officer Simon Robertsen at:

[email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)7946 733 092

Tel: +44 (0)7812 796 740

Fax: +44 (0)8701 349 567

or visit the 'Europe for President 2008' website:

I'll keep you posted as events develop Dear Reader.  Before this is over I'm sure you agree with PNEC Chairman Thomas Altheimer when he said "America.  It's just too important to leave to the Americans!"

(Photo at top: PNEC Chairman Thomas Altheimer meeting with US State Department officials from Karen Hughes’ office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs in March 2006.)


June 27, 2007

Comedy: The Noblest Profession; Katy Bagshaw / Wendy Wason


Hi there Dear Viewers - am having a great time on 'Project X'

One of the joys of the gig is working with a variety of comedians who are doing strong work.  The 'Project X' marketing people forbid me at this time going into more detail, (I have to do what they say - I signed a piece of paper saying I'd behave), it's a few weeks yet before I can provide links and real information about the show, but I'll mention that if you're in London on the 8th of July you could do a lot worse than go to the Electric Mouse Comedy Club, King's Head Pub, Islington.

It features 2 comedians who I've just worked with on 'X':  Katy Bagshaw and Wendy Wason, (warning: MySpace links). Katy transformed herself into 'Doris', an older lady who's concerned about all the "muslin's" coming into Britain and I guarantee - guarantee I tell you - that you'll laugh.

Wendy Wason deeply disturbed me - which I found unusual as I prefer my comedy to be dark - but her combination of placid middle-class features and bearing combined with a comedic vision of a loveless earth where everyone is out for themselves left me unsettled.

Looking back at that last sentence - you might think it doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement for a night's entertainment - but you'd be wrong. 

We need comedy  - and this kind of comedy - now more than ever.  We're living in a world where - post cold-war - there's no 'other side' that keeps our politicians honest - we're living in a system where it can feel like there's no-way you can defect - subsequently, people in power know the masses feel helpless and are grabbing as much as they can as quickly as they can.  Traditional media has failed completely - leaving it to the comedians - to address in a multiplicity of forms what's going on - to tell the truth. 

It's no coincidence that the rise of the Daily Show mirrors the decline of the traditional media in the States and it feels like we need to return to the old days - when, for instance in ancient Ireland, Satirists were seen to have real power - they were recognised to be able to cause boils to erupt on those they satirised for example.

My point is we need the darkness, AKA the truth, told in whatever way it can.  If it makes us laugh all the better - for of course by making us laugh comedy draws us in, makes us complicit and creates the space for telling the truth.  I truly think it's the Noblest Profession.

Anyhew, that's enough ranting for now Dear Viewer.  Go see the show if you're in London.  You'll have a good time.  And no boils.

(Photo above, Katy Bagshaw / Reproduced below for your edification and enlightenment is a flyer for the Evening / Click here for Google Map location of the King's Head)



June 22, 2007

Letter to America - Chapter 66 - Jett Loe I'm Going To Knock Your F**k In


A Dramatic Video Reconstruction of this story:

More Captain Planet Goodness, AKA Silvest11 is going to 'Knock My F**k In'

Click below to watch on YouTube.

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June 20, 2007

Telly Savalas - If

Try as I might with my wee podcasts and videos I've never gotten close to something like the above.

Via BoingBoing.


June 16, 2007

FilmTalk 12 - Podcast Review of Zodiac

Set the set to quality - film quality, as Jett and Doctor Gareth Higgins discuss in hushed tones the new film by David Fincher, Zodiac.

FilmTalk 12 - Podcast Review of Zodiac


June 14, 2007

Unpaid Intern Erin Starts Her Own Blog

Unpaid Intern Erin at the St Georges Market, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Yes, it's time Dear Listeners.  Every parent knows that some day their sweet child will leave the nest.  Whether it's heading to college, moving in with a partner or, in my case, escaping to Mexico to wait out the statute of limitations, every 'little one' moves on.  This is now the case with our Unpaid Intern Erin.  She's started a blog of her very own:

Terrific Whistlers

It's well worth a read and I expect you to bookmark it accordingly.  Anyhew, please join me in wishing Erin the best of luck - I miss her already.

(Photo, Erin at the St. Georges Market, Belfast:  Pointing to that which I treasure almost above all else)


June 13, 2007

Knife Surrender Bin, London

Knife Surrender Bin, London, England

Have just returned from 10 day shoot in London for 'Project X'.

While walking to the tube from my hotel in Earl's Court, spied this wonderful item:  a 'Knife Surrender Bin'.


What other kind of 'Surrender Bins' should we have in the streets I wonder?


June 01, 2007

Project X Calls Again

More Lord Mayor's Parade in Belfast Action, aka Love Potion
Project X calls again Dear Listeners, so am off to London for the next 10 days.  I leave you with the photo above taken during the recent Lord Mayor's Parade.

The Lord Mayor's Parade, Belfast

Belfast - City Miscellaneous



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