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June 13, 2007



Looks like someone took one last 'swipe' at the bin before turning over their knife.

I wish they would have "heely" bins (those wheeled-shoes), and "music" bins for people like Michael Bolton, Kenny G, and Barbara Streisand.

Welcome back, Jett!


Sorry for the double post - but am looking at the photo again.

How does one deposit the knife? Can they just lift the lid and drop it in? Reason I ask, can anyone access the bin? If someone wishes to stab someone, could they say 'hey, I'll just stop by a knife bin, there'll be tons of knives in there..."?


This being Norn Iron, surely we would have to have a "No Surrender Bin"?


Japan has bins for unwanted babies. Jeez, that's a downer, isn't it?

Welcome back, Jett.


Hey Jett,

How about surrender bins for Burberry Caps. Mind you, here in England, sick bins on a Friday night would come in handy. Save all those spent lassies vomiting on the pavement.


What about the 'I Surrender Bin', for recidivists who want to hand themselves in after hours but can't make it to a Police Station because the night bus has finished?

Either that or they just want to get rid of their old Joe Lynn Turner-era 'Rainbow' records without revealing their identity...


Cliché surrender bin?
Celebrity mag surrender bins?
Arrogant Doctor surrender bins?
Instant tea surrender bins?
Uncalled for use of four letter words surrender bins?
"Are you still taking the pills" surrender bin?

l hilling

Is this "instead" of surrendering your gun? Hum....I very much like my Ginsu knives. Thankfully here in Virginia there is not a need to surrender either! Hum......

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