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June 22, 2007



Thanks for this Jett.

I just laughed my ass off.


It is just a shame that we won't get to see blood being spilt in defense of LTA's honour. I'm not referring to the blood of anyone in particular (I'd hate to take sides in this dispute) but a real shame nonetheless...



My neighbours want to knock my fuck in now. My howls of laughter appear to have woke them from their vodka comas. Brilliant work there Mr Loe, and with a message for the kids. Doesn't get any better...

Enda McGahern

I love it.

Nick Margerrison

That's an awesome video. Really, awesome. I don't know if this makes me a bad person but I laughed like an idiot when I saw the mugshot bit as well. Brilliant.

That's got to be one of the best YouTube videos I've ever watched man. Genius.


Jett Loe

Thanks Nick! Feel free to blog about the video as often as you want! :)


Jett - I honestly think there needs to be some sort of "Captain Planet Primer" posted here, explaining the whole meaning of the cartoon, the useage of satire in connection to the cartoon, sarcasm and it's definition, irony, humor (or, humour, if you prefer), etc., etc.

Jett Loe

Feel free to write it Phil - am swamped.

Johnny Guitar

Dear Mr Loe,

On behalf of the people of Belfast, for whom I admittedly cannot speak, I would like to apologise for the bigotry, racism and intolerance shown towards you, and the people of the United States in general, by the illiterate locals (aka, spides) of this once great city that lurk anonymously within the darkest depths of the world wide web. No man, woman or indeed ‘thing’ should have to put up with such a torrent of abuse and hate in the 21st century.

And yes, ‘The America Show’ is abysmal.

Yours apologetically,
Mr. J. Guitar

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